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The all-in-one workplace management platform that lets you achieve more.

COVID Team Safety

Create a safer workplace in the COVID-19 environment. Check the health of employees and guests, follow social distancing guidelines, and implement touchless office processes with our COVID Team Safety solutions.
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Desk Booking

Software to make desk reservations easier for your team, including assigning permanent and hybrid desks, providing wayfinding solutions for employees, and ensuring your office meets social distancing guidelines.
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Visitor Management

Keep your office safe and secure. Allow visitors to check in, sign NDAs, and print badges on entry. Our software also helps you save time by allowing your employees to pre-register their guests.
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Modern Ticketing

Make service requests easier to send and track. With Eden Workplace, employees can file tickets for all of their needs and workplace managers can organize and handle tickets in one place.
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Room Scheduling

Make meetings stress-free with Eden Workplace’s room booking software. Book conference rooms, check in and out of meetings, and integrate meetings with Google Calendar and Slack.
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Facilities Management Software

Manage your property efficiently with recurring work orders and customized notifications. Track repairs and maintenance appointments for all your important assets and systems in your space.
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A curated marketplace of services to power the office.

Facilities Services Marketplace

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Need more workplace services? With Eden Workplace, you can connect with over 2,000 local service providers in 25 major global metro areas.

A complete workplace management platform

When your entire team works nine-to-five jobs in one office, workflow is pretty simple. But the traditional workplace is changing rapidly. More remote workers, freelancers and independent contractors, and part-time employees can make running a highly mobile and hybrid office challenging.

You need workplace management software that has evolved to keep up with today’s workplace. A modern integrated workplace management system, or IWMS, that’s supportive, flexible, and efficient. 

You need Eden Workplace.

What is Eden Workplace?

Say goodbye to piles of paperwork, inefficient and clunky processes, and unreliable partners. Eden Workplace serves the modern workplace and makes it easier for companies to run their offices. 

Our suite of workplace management software lets you:

Eden Workplace has the tools you need to help you streamline your office processes and solve real problems in your workplace.


Workplace Management Glossary of Terms

There are a lot of jargony words and acronyms in the world of workplace management. We created this glossary to help provide an overview of key industry terms, along with their definitions.
What is an IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System)?
This post dives deep into all things IWMS – what exactly is an IWMS, who uses it, how it differs from some of the point-solutions you might be using today.
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5 Things Our New Survey Data Says About a Return to the Office
Read the 5 key takeaways from the Eden Return to Office Survey. We hope these findings help you and your team prepare for the new normal of the future of work. 
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The Eden Workplace Return to Office Survey
Read The Eden Workplace Return to Office Survey – 1,000 office workers were surveyed about returning to the office.
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What is IT Service Management?
ITSM (or IT Service Management) is a broad term that encompasses the act of designing, implementing, supporting and managing the lifecycle of IT services.
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Why Visitor Management Systems are Important
Visitor management systems are critical to a modern workplace – learn the four reasons why.
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What is Visitor Management Software?
Learn exactly how visitor management software works – from start to finish – and how this software can make your office even better.
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What is a Hybrid Office? What you Need to Know
What defines a hybrid office and what should companies consider when implementing a hybrid workplace.
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5 Ways to Improve Employee Safety During COVID
The five things employers can do to improve employee safety during COVID-19.
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Eden is now Eden Workplace ✨
Eden has officially renamed from Eden to Eden Workplace, showing our commitment to build for and serve workplaces in this new hybrid world.
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Your Office May Be Killing You Softly: Inside Sick Building Syndrome
How Sick Building Syndrome, a buildup of toxic chemicals in office buildings, is difficult to measure, but concretely impacts workers' health and productivity.
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Bringing the Outdoors to The Office: The Sill Behind the Scenes
Tour The Sill’s lush workspace and learn about how they connect people with the perfect indoor plants.
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The 6 Attributes of a Successful Hybrid Workplace

From the right policies to the right tools, learn the six (6) key attributes to make a successful hybrid workplace for your team.

Advice for the Workplace Professional Perfectionist

Three workplace professionals share their advice for office managers on perfectionism, finding resources, and how to grow your career.
The Growing Role of Community Managers
The role of community manager is a great option for office managers looking to build their career in a growing field.
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Career Growth and Development in Office Management
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New to Office Management? Operations Experts Share Advice
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Relationship and Career Building for Office Managers
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Professional Development for Office Managers
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Welcoming New Hires and Fostering Communication from Day One
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We believe in getting more out of your workplace. So do our clients.

"The all-in-one nature of Eden Workplace’s office management software has made managing multiple workspaces effortless – and saves time, both for me and my employees."
Robert Hightower
Workplace Manager
"Eden Workplace makes it very easy to manage team projects and requests. They are extremely responsive and open to feedback so they can build the best workforce planning tool possible. Our organization would be lost without Eden Workplace!”
Dana Rosenkranz
Workplace Experience Manager
"The office is a major component of employee experience. Eden Workplace's tech platform ensures that corporate real estate and facilities professionals can develop and manage great work environments."
Cheryl P. Derricotte, AICP
Senior Manager, Facilities Ops & Places

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