Eden’s mailroom management software enables you to easily track and manage package and mail deliveries.

How it works

  1. Scan in package and mail deliveries via mobile app - Take the hassle out of managing your mailroom. When a package or piece of mail is delivered, simply pull up the Eden mobile app and scan in the item. Your camera will automatically capture delivery details, such as courier, recipient, date of delivery, and more. And, if the label is blurry or damaged, admins can manually enter or correct information.
  2. Automatically alert employees when their delivery arrives - Eden’s mailroom management software automatically alerts employees when they have mail or packages ready for pickup. Customize notification delivery with features like delayed send, and avoid forgotten deliveries cluttering your mailroom with reminder alerts. Plus, employees can receive alerts and mark deliveries as picked up via Slack, Teams, and email, or within the Eden mobile app. 
  3. Track real-time and historical mailroom analytics - Employees can see instantly if they have deliveries to pick up, and administrators can view the number of claimed and unclaimed packages and mail in the mailroom at any time—across multiple offices and mailrooms. Mailroom management software makes it easy to view, sort, and export mail and package deliveries history by location, timeframe, or employee. 
  4. Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools - Employees can keep tabs on their mail and packages from the tools they’re used to working from. Eden's mailroom management software integrates with Slack and Teams, identity providers for SSO and directory syncing, and more, to make it easy to manage your mail and package intake processes.

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