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Desk Booking software for the modern office

Returning to the office just got easier.

Allow your employees to reserve desks immediately or in advance, from anywhere, with Eden’s desk booking software. Create office neighborhoods so teammates can collaborate safely. Eliminate the manual processes of desk hoteling, assigning desks, monitoring capacity limits, and approving employees to work in the office.

How it works

Desk booking floor plan

Reserve a desk from anywhere

Allow employees to pick which desk they want to work from—either day of, or weeks in advance. Check desk availability, make a desk reservation, or review confirmation emails on the go. Booking a desk online, within Slack, or via our mobile app takes the hassle out of hot desking.
Desk booking office neighborhoods

Collaborate within office neighborhoods

Hybrid only works if your team can work together. Make it easy for employees to collaborate by designing specific “neighborhoods” within your space. Assign employees to neighborhoods so they can sit with their teammates—while still allowing them to book which desk they want, when they want.
Desk reservation details

Integrate seamlessly with existing tools

Reserve a desk, confirm desk reservations, and add them to your calendar or work chat. Eden's integrations with Slack, Teams, Google Calendar, identity providers for SSO and directory syncing, and more make it easy to offer hot desking while keeping your hybrid office organized and productive.
Desk markers with social distancing around a conference room table

Maintain office safety

Ensure a healthy workplace and keep your team safe. Eden’s desk booking software lets you limit which desks are available for booking, and allows you to view desk usage for contact tracing if needed.
Desk booking metrics

Track metrics that matter

Understand how your space is being used. Measure utilization of your space to inform your real estate decisions. Get insights into the number of employees using your office space to reduce wasted space and optimize your desk layout.

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  • Allow employees to select their preferred desk
  • Assign permanent desks to employees
  • Create and assign neighborhoods for team collaboration
  • Create recurring desk reservations
  • Add and filter by desk amenity tags
  • Admins can assign desks to employees for the day or permanently
  • Team Safety features, including health questionnaires
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$3 / Desk / Month

Sold in sets of 25 desks

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Frequently asked questions

What is desk booking?

Desk booking refers to the process of making work stations available for reservation throughout an office, typically through a software solution that employees can use for booking. 

As many companies are increasingly adopting a hybrid work model, a desk booking system is a critical piece of the puzzle to create flexibility for employees while maintaining a meaningful office presence for at least a subset of the employee base.

What is the difference between hot desking and desk hoteling?

A “hot desk” is a desk that isn’t assigned, meaning that any employee can use it. “Desk hoteling” is similar to desk booking, and refers to the process of reserving a desk and “checking in and out” as you would at a hotel. 

All that said, it is common for people to use the words interchangeably, as they all refer to an office that has at least some workstations without permanent employee assignment. To simply allocate open desks or meeting rooms, companies typically use a desk booking software tool.   

What is desk booking software?

Desk booking software is a tool that allows you to book desks in an office, either on a one-time or recurring basis. Many desk booking tools also include an office floorplan, information on desk amenities, and list of employees who have booked desks on any given day. 

Make the most of your space with Desk Booking software

Many modern workplaces no longer require an office space where every employee can work at their desks all day long, five days a week. Your office needs to be flexible, modern, and efficient in order to accommodate a hybrid workforce with varying schedules.

You need a system that manages when and how desks are used, to meet the needs of your employees and reduce manual administrative work.

Eden’s desk reservation system does just that.

Using desk booking software gives you the power to build a collaborative, efficient, and safe workplace. With Eden's desk booking software, every team member can book a desk in your workspace, for whenever they need it.

Whether they’re a new hire, a partner visiting on a business trip, or a remote employee working in the office, they’ll have a space to call their own.

3rd-party integrations

Eden integrates with the 3rd-party tools your team already uses—streamlining your workflow to help you work wonders.

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