Eden Desk Booking Software

Flexible Desk Reservation Solution for Streamlining Your Office

Eden’s hot desk booking system enables employees to easily book a desk for the day from anywhere, while you manage desk hoteling, assign neighborhoods and seats, and review occupancy metrics.
Hundreds of people-centric teams love Eden

How it works

Key Features

Make the most of your space with easy-to-use desk hoteling system

Hot Desk Booking

Empower employees to choose which desk they want to work from each day to be their most productive selves

Desk Hoteling

Enable your team members to make their hot desk reservations in advance, whether minutes, days, or weeks before checking in

Office Neighborhoods

Boost collaboration and productivity by designating which teams can book desks in certain parts of your office

Hourly Desk Booking

Employees can make reservations for exactly the hours they need them and free up the space for others to book during the hours they don’t

Desk Amenities

Let employees reserve the best desk for their needs by filtering for their favorite amenities, to ensure the desk they book has everything they need to be productive

Mobile App

Make desk reservations on the go and review where close colleagues are sitting through the user-friendly Eden app

Slack and Teams Apps

Utilize native Slack and Teams apps to increase employee adoption, streamline the desk booking process, and easily fit desk booking into your team’s existing daily workflows

Easy Office Coordination

Boost attendance by inviting and favoriting coworkers so employees can stay up to date on when they’re working in person with their closest work friends

Desk Metrics

Leverage occupancy metrics to plan office events and make smart real estate decisions about your space

50+ third-party integrations

Eden’s desk booking software integrates with the third-party tools your team already uses, streamlining your workflow to help you work wonders.
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Powerful tools that empower managers and employees

For admins

Eden offers flexible hot desking software that workplace admins can customize to fit their hybrid office’s needs. Whether you want to review office attendance metrics to figure out the most popular in-office days, make sure executives always have a desk reserved for them, or want to give your employees an intuitive way to book a hot desk from anywhere, Eden’s desk booking software makes it easy for you.

For employees

Employees can create a desk reservation with the click of a button any time they plan to work from the office. Filter for desks by must-have amenities, check where colleagues you need to collaborate with are sitting, and book a hot desk easily via web, through the Eden app, or from Slack or Teams for the entire day or by the hour.
case studies

Why people-centric teams love Eden

Learn how great companies around the world have used Eden to create a better workplace and employee experience.
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Dana Rosenkranz
“People want to come into the office. They can do their heads down work at home, and then they want to come in, in order to be with their team.”
Deva Djaafar
America’s Test Kitchen
“It's remarkable how many times we've said, ‘Thank goodness we decided to use a desk hoteling system and, thank goodness we picked Eden.”
Shayla Belanger
“It helps people decide when they’re coming in, and see the value of coming into the office.”
Christine Stromer
Movable Ink
“From first impressions, we really liked the clean, simple, and intuitive UI. All of it is pretty seamless. Once we set up the different office locations, people are able to just go in and manage it on their own.”

Build a better employee experience from one comprehensive platform

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Make managing the employee experience better for your team (and your employees) by leveraging an all-in-one platform and saying goodbye to point solutions. Eden helps you create a better hybrid workplace and build delightful employee experiences through Desk Booking, Room Scheduling, Visitor Management, Internal Ticketing, Deliveries, and Team Safety.

Prioritize professional development and organization-wide feedback gathering
Help your people grow in their careers, feel more fulfilled at work, and create a bigger impact with a tool designed for flexible, easy-to-use performance reviews.
Welcome visitors to your space safely and securely
Let your visitors pre-register, check in, and visit your office with ease. Securely share documents, collect signatures, and enforce any safety precautions, like vaccine tracking or wellness surveys.
Increase efficiencies, from office tasks to employee support
Create scalable processes for managing incoming mail and packages, resolve internal support questions, and tackle any workplace or HR request that comes across your team’s dashboard.
Get the full picture of how space is being used in your offices
Add conference and meeting rooms into your floorplan to support team meetings and collaboration, understand which rooms and desks are the most popular, and make smart decisions about your real estate needs and office initiatives.

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Still have questions about desk booking? We have answers.

What is desk booking?

Desk booking refers to the process of making work stations available for reservation throughout an office, typically through a software solution that employees can use for booking.

As many companies are increasingly adopting a hybrid work model, a desk booking software system is a critical piece of the puzzle to create flexibility for employees while maintaining a meaningful office presence for at least a subset of the employee base.

What is the difference between hot desking and desk hoteling?

A “hot desk” is a desk that isn’t assigned, meaning that any employee can use it. “Desk hoteling” is similar to desk booking, and refers to the process of reserving a desk and “checking in and out” as you would at a hotel.

All that said, it is common for people to use the words interchangeably, as they all refer to an office that has at least some workstations without permanent employee assignment. To simply allocate open desks or meeting rooms, companies typically use a desk booking software tool.  

What is desk booking software?

Desk booking software is a tool that allows you to book desks in an office, either on a one-time or recurring basis. Many desk booking software systems also include an office floorplan, information on desk amenities, and a roster of employees who have booked desks on any given day.

How does hot desk booking software make a difference in the hybrid workplace?

Hot desk booking software makes the hybrid workplace experience better for employees and admins.

Instead of giving everyone a permanent desk, employees can choose which desk they’ll work at, based on when they plan on working in-office. They can also choose desks based on which coworkers they’re currently working on projects with.

Having the flexibility to work where they want, along with the opportunity to once again collaborate face-to-face with their coworkers and build stronger connections in person, can have a huge impact on your team. Desk booking software in the hybrid workplace gives your employees the ability to create their own office experience, which helps increase employee satisfaction.

Hot desk booking software in a hybrid workplace is also usually more cost-effective  than the traditional fixed desk setup, and helps break down silos between departments.

How does Eden’s desk booking software compare to other solutions?

Eden’s desk booking software is loved by our customers for our delightful and user-friendly interface, how feature-rich our platform is, our wide range of third-party integrations, and, of course, our competitive pricing.

Our Customer Success team hears every day from happy customers about how easy our desk booking software is for employees and admins alike, no matter how tech-savvy the user is.

Plus, we view our customers as our partners and always solicit feedback when planning what features to build next, how features should work, and what the user experience should be when the features are live. Odds are, if you become an Eden customer, you’ll be able to help shape the future of our desk booking software!

Is there a trial version of Eden’s hot desk booking software?

Yes! If you’re interested in getting started with hot desk booking software, our team would be more than happy to set you up with a 14 day trial after a brief demo. 

We try to do a demo with interested users before the trial starts to make sure you know all of the features and functionalities that are available to you so you can have the best trial experience possible.

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Hundreds of people-centric companies use Eden to build better employee experiences.