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The HR Manager’s Guide to a Safe Return to the Office
What the future of the office looks like has yet to be determined. So how can HR managers make a return to the office as safe, efficient, and low stress as possible?

We’ve prepared a guide for you to help plan for your return to office, from what kind of employee input you should be seeking to what sort of timelines you should aim to meet certain benchmarks at.
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Workforce Sentiment Survey

To better understand employee sentiment on key elements of going back to work, like vaccine policies and workplace models, we commissioned the first post-return-to-work survey with Wakefield Research.


Return to Office Survey

In February 2021, Eden Workplace partnered with Wakefield Research to conduct the Eden Workplace Return to Office Survey. To keep our pulse on the finger of America's office workers, Wakefield surveyed 1,000 nationally representative full- and part-time employees.


Technology Trends in the Age of the Dynamic Workplace

In this whitepaper, we share these key pillars, the results of the survey, and take a tour of the future office.


The State of the Workplace Team

Learn how workplace teams supported their companies in 2019–and what they need to succeed in 2020.


Meeting Structure Guidelines

Meetings are most valuable when there's equal participation. Learn how to run more effective and balanced meetings.


Internal Communications Guide

Tips and templates for delivering effective, scalable, and productive messaging to your colleagues.

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