Eden Internal Ticketing System

Internal help desk software for better ticket management & IT support

Eden’s internal ticketing system enables your employees to quickly and easily submit help requests, while HR and IT teams manage ticket resolution.
Hundreds of people-centric teams love Eden

How it works

Key Features

Manage internal support tickets and help desk requests with ease

Instant Notifications

Employees can raise any questions and issues and review status and resolution directly within the tools they use most, like email, Slack, and Teams

Quick Categories

Separate tickets by IT requests, HR requests, facilities requests, or for any other functional team

Organized Resolution

Set deadlines, assign labels, and comment on active tickets to make sure every help request is resolved effectively and efficiently


Add subtasks to open tickets to make sure complex requests are handled correctly, and make it easier to document what goes into successful resolution

Update Logs

Employees and admins alike can view status updates on open tickets to see exactly where they are in the resolution process

Ticket Metrics

View detailed data reports to learn how quickly tickets are being resolved, what categories receive the most tickets, and more

50+ third-party integrations

Eden’s internal ticketing system integrates with the third-party tools your team already uses, streamlining your workflow to help you work wonders.
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Powerful tools that empower managers and employees

For admins

Eden centralizes all employee tickets in one place, giving IT and HR support staff back the time they need to help the organization grow. Track types of requests, which teams they came from, and how they were resolved. Plus, whether it's in Slack, Teams, email, or web, creating efficient experiences in the space where your team already collaborates will boost employee adoption.

For employees

Employees can submit tickets easily from whatever channel they’re the most comfortable working in. Having a one-stop shop for all tickets means your employees don’t have to worry about bothering a colleague with questions, or only asking for help when their IT and HR colleagues are online. If they want a status update on their open ask, all they have to do is view the ticket status in the Eden web dashboard, Slack, or Teams.
case studies

Why people-centric teams love Eden

Learn how great companies around the world have used Eden to create a better workplace and employee experience.
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Dana Rosenkranz
“Eden has been helpful with just keeping really tight documentation of all the things that happened throughout the process.”
Deva Djaafar
America’s Test Kitchen
“A huge selling point for us was that we were going to be able to move quickly, and implementation was so easy.”
Shayla Belanger
“It's very user friendly and easy to use. With Eden, it's a one-click or two-click thing, and our employees have never been like, ‘Wow, this takes forever.”
Christine Stromer
Movable Ink
“From first impressions, we really liked the clean, simple, and intuitive UI. All of it is pretty seamless.”

Build a better employee experience from one comprehensive platform

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Make managing the employee experience better for your team (and your employees) by leveraging an all-in-one platform and saying goodbye to point solutions. Eden helps you create a better hybrid workplace and build delightful employee experiences through Desk Booking, Room Scheduling, Visitor Management, Internal Ticketing, Deliveries, and Team Safety.

Offer flexible seating that promotes collaboration and productivity
Let your employees book their own hot desk for the days they work from the office so they can be their most effective selves.
Prioritize professional development and organization-wide feedback gathering
Help your people grow in their careers, feel more fulfilled at work, and create a bigger impact with a tool designed for flexible, easy-to-use performance reviews.
Welcome visitors to your space safely and securely
Let your visitors pre-register, check in, and visit your office with ease. Securely share documents, collect signatures, and enforce any safety precautions, like vaccine tracking or wellness surveys.
Get the full picture of how space is being used in your offices
Add conference and meeting rooms into your floorplan to support team meetings and collaboration, understand which rooms and desks are the most popular, and make smart decisions about your real estate needs and office initiatives.

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Still have questions about internal ticketing and service requests? We have answers.

What is support ticketing?

Support ticketing, sometimes called internal or workplace ticketing, is a system or process in which employees submit requests or issues as “tickets” to the appropriate department, such as HR or IT. It’s similar to customer service support ticketing, but it’s internal—meaning it’s only used by members of an organization, and not by customers.

Companies typically use an internal ticketing software system to conduct support ticketing, streamlining the process for employees to submit requests and for agents to resolve them.

What are the types of ticketing systems?

Ticketing systems are usually either internal or external: internal ticketing systems are for members of an organization, and external ticketing systems are for customer use and involve requests from the customer to a company’s customer support team.

Within internal ticketing systems, there are options for IT ticketing, HR ticketing, facilities management ticketing, and so on—but at Eden, we believe that it’s easier to combine all departments under one umbrella with an internal ticketing system that can handle all of your workplace ticketing needs.  

Is an internal ticketing system the same as help desk ticketing?

Broadly, an internal IT and HR help desk and internal ticketing system are the same thing: A place where employees can submit requests and issues to a particular employee or department. Different tools break requests into “tickets” in different ways, but they are ultimately fulfilling the same function.

How does an internal ticketing system make a difference in the employee experience?

While an internal ticketing system is highly efficient for IT and HR teams, it’s also easier for employees because they can open new tickets remotely and always know where to go when they need help.

This removes any awkwardness of employees having to bother you with a request, or having to navigate a confusing process just to ask for a refill on snacks or a new computer charger.

A high-quality internal ticketing system should also integrate with your existing tools. For instance, Eden’s internal ticketing system integrates with the tools you already use, like Slack and email, so your employees can submit requests through these channels—and they’ll all still end up in one centralized location. 

And, an internal ticketing tool will streamline your workflow regardless of the physical location of your team—meaning that you can handle requests from employees who work in the office, remotely, or in a hybrid capacity, all in one place.

How does Eden’s internal ticketing system compare to other solutions?

Eden’s internal ticketing system is loved by our customers for our delightful and user-friendly interface, how feature-rich our platform is, our wide range of third-party integrations, and, of course, our competitive pricing.

Our Customer Success team hears every day from happy customers about how easy our desk booking software is for employees and admins alike, no matter how tech-savvy the user is.

Plus, we view our customers as our partners and always solicit feedback when planning what features to build next, how features should work, and what the user experience should be when the features are live. Odds are, if you become an Eden customer, you’ll be able to help shape the future of our internal ticketing system!

Is there a trial version of Eden’s internal ticketing system?

Yes! If you’re interested in getting started with our internal ticketing system, our team would be more than happy to set you up with a 14 day trial after a brief demo.

We try to do a demo with interested users before the trial starts to make sure you know all of the features and functionalities that are available to you so you can have the best trial experience possible.

Want to see a demo? Sign up here.

Hundreds of people-centric companies use Eden to build better employee experiences.