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A flexible IT ticketing, HR help desk, and support ticketing system to streamline workplace requests

Track, manage, and tackle internal IT tickets, HR and workplace requests, and general service desk ticketing from start to finish with Eden’s Internal Ticketing software.

How it works

Modern Ticketing metrics

Track all help desk requests in one place

Managing HR ticketing, IT ticketing, and general workplace support requests across a variety of platforms? With Eden’s Internal Ticketing software, you can centralize all employee tickets in one place. Track types of requests, which teams they came from, and how they were resolved.
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Empower your team to help themselves

Do employees send in requests via email, Slack or Teams messages, and multiple ticketing tools? Give your team an easy way to submit all their tickets in one place, and streamline your workflow by cutting down on time spent triaging requests across various channels. Employees can use Eden as a one-stop help desk for everything they need—from IT tickets, to facilities needs, to onboarding tasks, and more.
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Manage support ticketing from start to finish

Organize support tickets by team, location, and workflows. Customize statuses and priority levels to help you stay organized and efficient. And, view detailed metrics and stay updated on the status of all requests.
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Integrate easily with existing tools

Eliminate extra steps by submitting tickets via Slack, Teams, or email. Eden's integrations make it easy to integrate your internal help desk process with the tools your team already uses, as well as receive status updates and more.

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  • Unlimited boards
  • Slack and Teams integration
  • Custom catalogs and routing rules per board
  • Automate checklists on new requests
  • Due dates and assignees on checklist items
  • Comments and activity logs per ticket
  • Repeating ticket scheduling
  • Analytics and metrics dashboard
$49 / Agent / Month
$59 / Agent / Month
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  • Everything in Accelerate
  • Single Sign-On and Directory Syncing
  • Custom integrations
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Frequently asked questions

What is support ticketing?

Support ticketing, sometimes called internal or workplace ticketing, is a system or process in which employees submit requests or issues as “tickets” to the appropriate department, such as HR or IT. It’s similar to customer service support ticketing, but it’s internal—meaning it’s only used by members of an organization, and not by customers. 

Companies typically use a ticketing software system to conduct internal ticketing, streamlining the process of making requests and resolving them.

What are the types of ticketing systems?

Ticketing systems are usually either internal or external: internal ticketing systems are for members of an organization, and external ticketing systems are for customer use and involve requests from the customer to a company’s customer support team. 

Within internal ticketing systems, there are options for IT ticketing, HR ticketing, facilities management ticketing, and so on—but at Eden, we believe that it’s easier to combine all departments under one umbrella with an internal ticketing system that can handle all of your workplace ticketing needs.

Is internal ticketing the same as help desk ticketing?

Broadly, an internal help desk and internal ticketing system are the same thing: A place where employees can submit requests and issues to a particular employee or department. Different tools break requests into “tickets” in different ways, but they are ultimately fulfilling the same function. 

Simplify your workplace management with a unified service desk ticketing system

Running an office efficiently is hard work.

HR and People Operations managers field requests across various channels, handling everything from onboarding needs to facilities management and more. IT managers spend valuable time managing and organizing incoming tickets, which adds unnecessary administrative work.

To keep things running smoothly, you need a single channel for all incoming help desk requests, and a way to keep all tickets organized and in one place. 

How Eden’s Internal Ticketing software works:

  • Establish a flexible one-stop shop for all incoming requests—whether they’re HR requests, IT tickets, requests for office maintenance or supplies, or something else unique to your company’s needs.
  • Create a unified process for submitting tickets, regardless of if your company has returned to the office, is primarily remote, or uses a hybrid office model.
  • Easily integrate with Slack or email—meaning employees can submit a ticket directly within the tools they use every day.
  • Access key metrics and stay up-to-date on the status of all requests, so that nothing slips through the cracks.

A centralized internal help desk tool makes it easy for your IT, HR, People Operations, and Workplace Management teams to organize and track tickets, while reducing administrative work.

And, it gives employees a clear, straightforward way to submit all their requests in a single place. Whether a team member needs to onboard a new employee, get software or hardware assistance, or request office supplies, Eden’s Internal Ticketing software makes it easy and intuitive, from start to finish.

3rd-party integrations

Eden integrates with the 3rd-party tools your team already uses—streamlining your workflow to help you work wonders.

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