Get Organized With Our Automated Mailroom Management System

Eden’s mailroom management software enables you to easily track and manage package and mail deliveries. Intake packages and mail effortlessly via our mobile app, notify employees automatically when they receive a delivery, and get real-time alerts and inventory status updates.
Hundreds of people-centric teams love Eden

How it works

Scan in package and mail deliveries via mobile app

Take the hassle out of managing your mailroom. When a package or piece of mail is delivered, simply pull up the Eden mobile app and scan in the item. Your camera will automatically capture delivery details, such as courier, recipient, date of delivery, and more. And, if the label is blurry or damaged, admins can manually enter or correct information.

Automatically alert employees when their delivery arrives

Eden’s mailroom management software automatically alerts employees when they have mail or packages ready for pickup. Customize notification delivery with features like delayed send, and avoid forgotten deliveries cluttering your mailroom with reminder alerts. Plus, employees can receive alerts and mark deliveries as picked up via Slack, Teams, and email, or within the Eden mobile app.

Track real-time and historical mailroom analytics

Employees can see instantly if they have deliveries to pick up, and administrators can view the number of claimed and unclaimed packages and mail in the mailroom at any time—across multiple offices and mailrooms. Mailroom management software makes it easy to view, sort, and export mail and package deliveries history by location, timeframe, or employee.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools

Employees can keep tabs on their mail and packages from the tools they’re used to working from. Eden's mailroom management software integrates with Slack and Teams, identity providers for SSO and directory syncing, and more, to make it easy to manage your mail and package intake processes.

Key Features

Get company mail and package deliveries into the hands of the right employees efficiently

Easy Package Scanning

Use the camera on your phone to quickly and easily scan in deliveries through the Eden mobile app, which will automatically match the delivery recipient to the correct employee

Instant Notifications

Notify recipients when packages arrive through the Eden app, email, Slack, or Teams, or set up a notification delay to allow extra time for organization

Digital Delivery Tracking

View a detailed log of all packages and mail that have been delivered, their retrieval status, and current mailroom volume

Mobile App

Scan in new packages, automatically match recipients with the correct employee, and track the status of delivered packages

Detailed Mailroom Analytics

View, sort, and export mail and package deliveries history by location, timeframe, or employee

Courier Tracking

Share the delivery courier information with employees so they can appropriately prioritize their pickups based on what they’re expecting to be delivered

50+ third-party integrations

Eden’s mailroom management software integrates with the third-party tools your team already uses, streamlining your workflow to help you work wonders.
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Powerful tools that empower managers and employees

For admins

Eden offers user-friendly mailroom management software that workplace admins can leverage to build a more organized office delivery experience, without clutter or time-consuming manual processes. Whether you want to intake and process newly-delivered mail and packages, make sure employees are being notified of their deliveries in a timely fashion, or review historical mailroom logs, Eden’s mailroom management software makes it easy for you.

For employees

Employees can stay on top of their mail and packages delivered to the office without having to check in-person or monitor courier tracking updates. All employees can easily access real-time mailroom inventory and get instant delivery notifications via web, through the Eden app, or from Slack or Teams.
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Why people-centric teams love Eden

Learn how great companies around the world have used Eden to create a better workplace and employee experience.
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Dana Rosenkranz
“It's helped us tremendously. We've been able to focus on other things which has been really appreciated.”
Deva Djaafar
America’s Test Kitchen
“A huge selling point for us was that we were going to be able to move quickly, and implementation was so easy.”
Shayla Belanger
“It helps people decide when they’re coming in, and see the value of coming into the office.”
Christine Stromer
Movable Ink
“From first impressions, we really liked the clean, simple, and intuitive UI. All of it is pretty seamless. Once we set up the different office locations, people are able to just go in and manage it on their own.”

Build a better employee experience from one comprehensive platform

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Make managing the employee experience better for your team (and your employees) by leveraging an all-in-one platform and saying goodbye to point solutions. Eden helps you create a better hybrid workplace and build delightful employee experiences through Desk Booking, Room Scheduling, Visitor Management, Internal Ticketing, Deliveries, and Team Safety.

Offer flexible seating that promotes collaboration and productivity
Let your employees book their own hot desk for the days they work from the office so they can be their most effective selves.
Welcome visitors to your space safely and securely
Let your visitors pre-register, check in, and visit your office with ease. Securely share documents, collect signatures, and enforce any safety precautions, like vaccine tracking or wellness surveys.
Prioritize professional development and organization-wide feedback gathering
Help your people grow in their careers, feel more fulfilled at work, and create a bigger impact with a tool designed for flexible, easy-to-use performance reviews.
Get the full picture of how space is being used in your offices
Add conference and meeting rooms into your floorplan to support team meetings and collaboration, understand which rooms and desks are the most popular, and make smart decisions about your real estate needs and office initiatives.

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Still have questions about our digital mailroom management solution? We have answers.

What is mailroom management?

Mailroom management is the process of organizing all package and mail deliveries arriving at an office or other workplace. This includes the systems in place for notifying administrators that any deliveries have arrived, scanning and intaking packages and mail, alerting the recipient that their delivery is ready for pickup, storing deliveries, and so on.

To run efficient processes for accepting mail and package deliveries, companies often use a mailroom management software system to seamlessly capture the package or document information and notify the recipient of its arrival and location.

Does office mailroom management software manage both packages and mail?

The best mailroom management software should allow you to manage any type of office delivery, including both packages and mail. With Eden’s deliveries tool, office administrators can receive and intake mail and packages, and alert employees regarding any type of delivery that arrives at the office for them, from letters to large packages and anything in between.

Should you use mailroom management software?

Introducing a delivery tool can make a huge difference to your mailroom operations and keep things running smoothly. Not only does mailroom management software save you time, but it also keeps everything organized and ensures your employees receive the packages and mail they’re waiting for without hassle.

How does mailroom management software make a difference in the hybrid workplace?

Mailroom management software is a great complement to hybrid offices. By having a tool in place, employees will know when their deliveries are scheduled to arrive and can plan their in-office days accordingly. Wouldn’t you be more likely to come in on a day when you know your new wireless mouse is getting delivered?

Similarly, HR teams won't have to spend time manually letting employees know that their deliveries have arrived and trying to coordinate pick-up times.

How does Eden’s mailroom management software compare to other solutions?

Eden’s mailroom management software is loved by our customers for our delightful and user-friendly interface, how feature-rich our tool is, our wide range of third-party integrations, and, of course, our competitive pricing.

Our Customer Success team hears every day from happy customers about how easy our performance management software is to use for employees and admins alike, no matter how tech-savvy the user is.

Plus, we view our customers as our partners and always solicit feedback when planning what features to build next, how features should work, and what the user experience should be when the features are live. Odds are, if you become an Eden customer, you’ll be able to help shape the future of our mailroom management software!

Is there a trial version of Eden’s mailroom management software?

Yes! If you’re interested in getting started with mailroom management software, our team would be more than happy to set you up with a 14 day trial after a brief demo.

We try to do a demo with interested users before the trial starts to make sure you know all of the features and functionalities that are available to you so you can have the best trial experience possible.

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Hundreds of people-centric companies use Eden to build better employee experiences.