Eden Visitor Management System

Provide a Smooth Experience With Our Secure Visitor Management System

Eden’s visitor management system takes the hassle out of welcoming visitors to the office. Visitors can pre-register, check in, and visit your office with ease, while you securely share documents, collect signatures, and enforce any security precautions necessary.
Hundreds of people-centric teams love Eden

How our system works

Register office guests in advance

Make office visits easier for guests by letting employees register their visitors in advance. Plus, by offering advance guest registration, office hosts can streamline the entire visit through a visitor management system that sends pre-registered guests everything they need to know about your office in an email invite ahead of time.

Enable guests to check in smoothly and effortlessly online or in our app

Create a delightful check in experience for every visitor to your office. Allow guests to easily check in via tablet upon arrival, or in advance of their visit. Plus, you can print badges, collect signatures for NDAs and other security related documents, and conduct health screenings to make sure every guest at the office has a flawless visit from start to finish.

Automatically notify team members when guests have arrived

Notify your employees automatically when their guests arrive, either through email or via our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations. Eden’s automated, real-time notifications reduce wait times and help make an excellent impression on office visitors.

Make return visits easy for repeat office guests

Let frequent visitors return easily without the hassle of registering, pre-screening, or signing documents over and over again. Track past guests and prepare for their future visits, creating a better visitor experience.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools

Employees can register, pre-screen, and welcome their guests to the office using the tools they work in every day. Eden's visitor management system integrates with Slack, Teams, Google Calendar, and more, to make it easy to invite guests to the office and create a smooth visitor experience.

Key Features

Provide electronic registration and fast check-in with our easy-to-use visitor sign-in program

Guest Registration

Pre-register upcoming office visitors to create visibility into who will be in the office, recognize repeat visitors, and send office details to invited guests

Customizable Check-In Experience

Create a strong first impression with customized branding at the check-in kiosk

Instant Notifications

Notify hosts automatically when their visitor checks in via email, Slack, and Teams to reduce wait times

Digital Document Signatures

Let guests sign NDAs and other required documentation digitally, either before or upon arrival, to save your team time and streamline compliance document completion and storage

Badge Printing

Design custom visitor badges and print them as soon as office guests check in for their visit

Visitor Logs

Quickly access records of current, upcoming, and past office visitors to keep the pulse on everyone who is stepping foot in the office

50+ third-party integrations

Eden’s visitor management system integrates with the third-party tools your team already uses, streamlining your workflow to help you work wonders.
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Powerful tools that empower managers and employees

For admins

Eden offers a user-friendly visitor management system that workplace admins can rely on to create an exceptional guest experience from the moment a visitor is registered. Whether you want to access future or historical visitor rosters, customize the sign-in workflow, ensure compliance through digital document signing, or prioritize office safety through health surveys and visitor badges, Eden’s visitor management system makes it easy for you.

For employees

Employees can invite their guests to the office and make sure the experience is easy and efficient for their visitors. Whether bringing in a candidate for a job interview, hosting a client on-site, or scheduling a delivery of office supplies, Eden’s visitor management system can be used to streamline the process and provide every guest with a positive check in experience.
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Why people-centric teams love Eden

Learn how great companies around the world have used Eden to create a better workplace and guest experience.
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Dana Rosenkranz
“I'm really leaning on Eden to give me all the information that I need, without having to write and pull multiple reports.”
Deva Djaafar
America’s Test Kitchen
“It's easy to use, but also thank goodness that we are working with a company that is scaling with us, and is interested in understanding what we need and helping us build it."
Shayla Belanger
“It's saved us so much time. It's also saved us the headache of trying to do everything on paper.”
Christine Stromer
Movable Ink
“From first impressions, we really liked the clean, simple, and intuitive UI. All of it is pretty seamless.”

Build a better employee experience from one comprehensive platform

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Make managing the employee experience better for your team (and your employees) by leveraging an all-in-one platform and saying goodbye to point solutions. Eden helps you create a better hybrid workplace and build delightful employee and visitor experiences through Desk Booking, Room Scheduling, Visitor Management, Internal Ticketing, Deliveries, and Team Safety.

Prioritize professional development and organization-wide feedback gathering
Help your people grow in their careers, feel more fulfilled at work, and create a bigger impact with a tool designed for flexible, easy-to-use performance reviews.
Offer flexible seating that promotes collaboration and productivity
Let your employees book their own hot desk for the days they work from the office so they can be their most effective selves.
Increase efficiencies, from office tasks to employee support
Create scalable processes for managing incoming mail and packages, resolve internal support questions, and tackle any workplace or HR request that comes across your team’s dashboard.
Get the full picture of how space is being used in your offices
Add conference and meeting rooms into your floorplan to support team meetings and collaboration, understand which rooms and desks are the most popular, and make smart decisions about your real estate needs and office initiatives.

Invite office guests, assign temporary id badges, monitor the visitor log and more with our visitor management system


Still have questions about our visitor management solution? We have answers.

What is visitor management?

Visitor management is a set of processes used to keep track of anyone visiting an organization’s offices or workspaces.

Some companies simply keep a record of the names of visitors, while others have additional requirements for security and office safety, like printing badges, filling out paperwork, submitting health assessments, and so on. For companies that wish to maintain higher degrees of security and provide a more modern visitor experience, they will typically use a software-based visitor management system.

How do you manage office visitors?

How to manage office visitors depends on a number of variables, including the extent to which you host visitors and the desire or need for a high degree of security. The easiest way to manage office visitors is by choosing a visitor management system that allows you to set up policies for office visitors, track who is coming and going, and make visitor check-in more modern and seamless.

Using a dedicated visitor management system also allows you to customize your processes across offices, helping ensure all visitors have a consistent, positive experience, as well as reducing risk to the company through enhanced data protocols and potentially even required execution of legal documents such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

What is visitor management software?

Visitor management software streamlines the process of keeping track of who enters and leaves a company’s office, while enhancing both data security and visitor experience.

By using visitor management software, companies can improve data security by replacing a pad of names with online check-in, enhance the on-site experience for visitors through streamlined processes and branded name badges, protect sensitive company information through the required execution of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and even ensure greater security for employees with features such as visitor block lists.

How does using a visitor management system make a difference in the hybrid workplace?

Using a visitor management system makes the hybrid workplace experience better for employees, admins, and guests.

Visitor management systems save time for both visitors and for your company. With visitor management software in place, visitors move through the check-in process more efficiently, with just a few check-in prompts on a tablet when they arrive. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having someone always present at a front desk to greet your visitors, which can be helpful if you have a hybrid office.

How does Eden’s visitor management system compare to other solutions?

Eden’s visitor management system is loved by our customers for our delightful and user-friendly interface, how feature-rich our platform is, our wide range of third-party integrations, and, of course, our competitive pricing.

Our Customer Success team hears every day from happy customers about how easy our visitor management software is for employees, admins, and guests alike, no matter how tech-savvy the user is.

Plus, we view our customers as our partners and always solicit feedback when planning what features to build next, how features should work, and what the user experience should be when the features are live. Odds are, if you become an Eden customer, you’ll be able to help shape the future of our visitor management system!

Is there a trial version of Eden’s visitor management system?

Yes! If you’re interested in getting started with our visitor management system, our team would be more than happy to set you up with a 14 day trial after a brief demo.

We try to do a demo with interested users before the trial starts to make sure you know all of the features and functionalities that are available to you so you can have the best trial experience possible.

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Hundreds of people-centric companies use Eden to build better employee experiences.