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Take the hassle out of welcoming guests to your office with Visitor Management software

Create a smooth, enjoyable experience for your visitors—while keeping your offices safe.

Let your visitors pre-register, check in, and visit your office with ease. Securely share documents, collect signatures, and enforce any safety precautions, like vaccine tracking or wellness surveys. Provide a flawless visitor experience from start to finish with Eden’s visitor management software.

How it works

Invited visitor details

Register guests in advance

Make office visits easier by allowing advance registration for guests. Plus, streamline guest visits by sending pre-registered visitors everything they need to know about your office in an email invite.
Visitor details

Minimize COVID risks

Up the security of your office with pre-screening criteria for your guests. Verify vaccination status, send health surveys, and more. Feel confident that anyone visiting your office has met your company’s requirements for entry.
Visitor Management dashboard

Keep track of who is in the office

Always know exactly who is in your space and why. Visitors can answer check-in questions, print a badge, and take a photo via self-serve kiosk upon arrival, so you’ll have a complete record of their visit. Keep your company—and everyone who visits—safe in case of an emergency or COVID exposure.
Visitor arrival notification

Send instant notifications

Notify hosts automatically through email, or via our Slack and Teams integrations when their guests arrive. Reduce wait times and make an excellent impression on visitors with our seamless notification system.
Digital documents

Sign documents digitally and securely

Go paperless and keep important legal documents safe. Our visitor management software lets guests sign NDAs and other required documentation digitally, either before or upon arrival. Save your team time by securely streamlining compliance document completion and storage.
Visitor management dashboard with invite visitor again button

Make return visits easy

Let frequent visitors return easily without the hassle of registering, pre-screening, or signing documents over and over again. Track past guests and prepare for their future visits, creating a better visitor experience.

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  • 1 location
  • Employee registration
  • Customized logo & branding on sign-in kiosk
  • Export detailed visitor logs
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  • Everything in Starter
  • Slack and Teams integration
  • NDA / legal document management
  • Badge printing
  • COVID Team Safety
  • Touchless sign-in
  • Wellness surveys for visitors
$89 / Month / Location
$109 / Month /  Location
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  • Everything in Accelerate
  • Visitor photos
  • File storage integrations
  • Custom forms & sign in flows
  • Employee directory sync
  • Single Sign-On and Directory Syncing
$179 / Month / Location
$209 / Month /  Location
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  • Everything in Scale
  • Custom integrations
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Frequently asked questions

What is visitor management? 

Visitor management is a set of processes used to keep track of anyone visiting an organization’s offices or workspaces. 

Some companies simply keep a record of the names of visitors, while others have additional requirements for security and office safety, like printing badges, filling out paperwork, submitting health assessments, and so on. For companies that wish to maintain higher degrees of security and provide a more modern visitor experience, they will typically use visitor management software. 

How do you manage office visitors?

How to manage office visitors depends on a number of variables, including the extent to which you host visitors and the desire or need for a high degree of security. The easiest way to manage office visitors is by choosing a visitor management system that allows you to set up policies for office visitors, track who is coming and going, and make visitor check-in more modern and seamless. 

Using a dedicated visitor management software tool also allows you to customize your processes across offices, helping ensure all visitors have a consistent, positive experience, as well as reducing risk to the company through enhanced data protocols and potentially even required execution of legal documents such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). 

What is visitor management software?

Visitor management software streamlines the process of keeping track of who enters and leaves a company’s office, while enhancing both data security and visitor experience. 

By using visitor management software, companies can improve data security by replacing a pad of names with online check-in, enhance the on-site experience for visitors through streamlined processes and branded name badges, protect sensitive company information through the required execution of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and even ensure greater security for employees with features such as visitor block lists.

Modern Visitor Management makes office visits safe, easy, and secure

If you regularly have office visitors (external vendors, clients, maintenance staff, and more), you need a visitor management tool that allows you to smoothly welcome everyone.

Eden makes visitor management quick, easy, and efficient. Thanks to integrations with popular workplace apps like Slack and email, your teams can register, prescreen, and welcome their guests seamlessly.

How Eden’s Visitor Management system works:

  • Inviting job candidates to your space for interviews? Let multiple guests register their visits ahead of time to cut down on wait times.
  • Scheduling periodic on-site meetings with vendors? Keep track of past guests so they can easily visit again, without having to register or sign legal documents twice.
  • Meeting with other guests for lunch or during the day? Don’t keep them waiting. Get notified through Slack or email immediately when they arrive.

A visitor management tool allows you to streamline office visits, create a great impression, and leaves guests (and your team) happy.

3rd-party integrations

Eden integrates with the 3rd-party tools your team already uses—streamlining your workflow to help you work wonders.

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