What is Visitor Management Software?

Maryn Juergens
February 3, 2021

Visitor Management software enables you to better manage all of the visitors in your office while providing a more modern visitor experience. This software includes everything from registration to check-in to keeping a historical log of visitors (which, in the case of a pandemic, can serve a dual-purpose for contact tracing). Many companies today are implementing visitor management software systems, but an old-fashioned pen and paper logbook is an analog type of visitor management system. 

The type of guest who would use your visitor management system is varied, and basically is any non-employee who comes into your space. Guests could be candidates, vendors, the FedEx delivery person, customers, your plumber, family and friends of employees – and more.

You probably know visitor management software from visiting beautiful offices with an iPad upfront, where you typically sign in, get a badge, and prepare to see your host. We get more into how visitor management software works below!

How Does Visitor Management Software Work?

Pre-Register Your Guests

Imagine you are a hiring manager or recruiter and you have an interviewee coming on-site for a face-to-face interview. Or, maybe you’re an account executive inviting a customer to your office to meet with you in-person. As an employee, you want your guests to have the easiest possible experience finding your office, knowing what to expect, and checking-in at the front desk. If their initial experience is smooth, it reflects well on you and the company – and it’s one less thing to worry about. A visitor management tool empowers employees to control that experience for their guests. Employees can easily register guests themselves. They can ensure their guests get an email about what to expect when visiting their office, and it can include everything from parking instructions to directions to the office reception area. 

Modern Visitor Check-In

Once your guest has successfully navigated to the office reception area, they can smoothly check themselves in on a tablet or iPad that displays your company’s brand. This is a quick and easy way to brand the reception area. Guests will visually see your brand, and also experience your brand as a tech-forward, modern company as they are using software to facilitate the sign-in experience. This will be a welcome experience from the antiquated process for signing in at offices – a messy, paper logbook and a pen that may or may not work.

Sign Legal Documents

Visitor management software also allows visitors to sign any necessary legal documents, such as NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) before entering an office. This information can all be captured during the initial check-in workflow so it’s a seamless process – for both guests and the company (who no longer has to worry about organizing files of signed pages of legal documents. 

Print Badges

During the last step of check-in, you can ask guests to take a photo from their smartphone or the iPad and print a badge on the spot. This helps provide an added level of security as visitors can be easily identified while in the office. And with the software, you’ve removed the manual process of having to physically write out and assemble a name tag or badge. 

Real-time Employee Notifications 

Visitor management software not only provides your guests with a great experience, but also helps add value to the employee experience. Employees will know when their guest arrives, in real-time. They can get a notification using email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. 

Integrate With Your Access Control

Your visitor management system can sync with your access control system, if desired. With the integration, you can automatically capture check-out time to record the most accurate log of who is on-site, at what time. 

Visitor management software can help streamline the lobby experience in an office for both guest and host. Visitor management systems provide a great first impression for your visitors and creates efficiency from the moment a visitor is registered to after they leave – and beyond.

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