Keep Your Office Safe With Vaccine Tracking for Visitors

Sophia Lee
April 5, 2022
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With the pandemic still ongoing, companies are making changes to prioritize the health and safety of employees who are coming into the office—including the visitor management experience. 

Unlike pre-COVID times, guests can’t just drop by the office unannounced. These days, there are protocols that companies have to follow when hosting visitors. That’s why one of the most important tools to invest in is office vaccine tracking. 

In this article, we'll cover why a vaccine tracking tool is a must-have for any company welcoming visitors back to their offices.

What is office vaccine tracking? 

Vaccine tracking makes it easier for your HR and People Ops teams to collect the vaccine information of people who visit the office.

With a vaccine tracking tool, guests can upload any COVID-19 health documents, such as a vaccination card or a negative test result, to verify that they’re meeting company policies.

Vaccine tracking also allows you to see who is visiting the office, verify their documentation in advance, and even request an updated vaccine card when it expires. 

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What are the benefits of office visitor vaccine tracking? 

Whether your team is fully in-person or you have a hybrid office, there are many benefits to vaccine tracking. Here are a few to consider: 

1. Keeps everyone in your office safe

Many companies are already tracking the vaccination status of their employees. But if you don’t apply the same protocols to visitors, you may end up putting your people at risk. 

Instead of leaving it up to chance, office vaccine tracking ensures that all guests who visit the office meet company policies related to vaccines and negative tests. This will give you and the rest of your employees peace of mind during the pandemic—making it more likely that people will want to work out of the office. 

2. Ensures compliance

While vaccine tracking is permissible under federal law, you still need to treat the information confidentially—just as you would with any other medical-related records. 

Knowing this, it’s critical to choose a vendor that will keep your vaccine tracking process compliant. For example, Eden Workplace’s visitor management system makes it easy for administrators to audit the vaccine and test status of guests. But as soon as the documentation is validated, the file is deleted from our records and only a time stamp is left behind—protecting the privacy of all office visitors.

With the right software, you won’t have to worry about compliance issues—taking one more to-do item off your plate. 

3. Makes it easy for visitors to provide proof of vaccination

Vaccine tracking also makes life easier for your visitors. How? By creating a seamless experience that allows guests to submit their COVID-related documents, signed NDAs, and photos—all within a single workflow and via desktop or mobile.

Keep in mind that not every visitor management system allows guests to complete all of these tasks in one place, so make sure to invest in a tool that does. 

4. Streamlines the visitation process for HR

Another benefit of vaccine tracking is that it makes the process of collecting vaccine information easier for your HR and People Ops teams. 

Since visitors can upload documentation in advance, your internal team won’t have to worry about manually collecting vaccine records or reviewing the documentation in-person.

With a vaccine tracking tool, the entire process can be done remotely, digitally, and before the guest comes on site.

Consider introducing vaccine tracking to your office

A vaccine tracking tool is a fantastic addition to make to your visitor management process. With this feature, you’ll be able to keep your employees safe, ensure your organization is compliant, and create a more seamless experience for guests as well.

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