Why Visitor Management Systems are Important [Updated for 2023]

Bri Morgaine
December 21, 2021
visitor management, visitor management systems, why visitor management systems are important

Visitor management is the process of tracking and managing guests that come and go from your office, like clients, vendors, job candidates, and anyone else who doesn’t work there. If your office regularly has guests like this, it’s important to have a solid visitor management system—both for the experience of your visitors, as well as your employees.

Regardless of whether you're transitioning back to the office or if you've been back for months, it's always a good time to evaluate how you're handling visitor management. Here are some key reasons why you should consider implementing a modern visitor management system. 

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A visitor management system helps keep your team safe 

A visitor management tool is like an office gatekeeper—it helps ensure that only approved visitors come inside. You’ll be able to print badges so that visitors are clearly identifiable, and your employees will have a visual reminder of who is a visitor. Simply knowing that a system is in place can also deter unwelcome people from trying to enter your office.

Additionally, in the time of COVID-19, a visitor management system can help track who was on-site and the specific times they were in the office. In the event of a known case of COVID within your office, having a digital log of visitors can be used for easy contact tracing. And, with a tool like Eden's visitor management solution, you can even send out customizable wellness surveys in advance of a visitor’s arrival. This helps both your team and your visitors feel more comfortable that your office is working to minimize risk of COVID exposure.

Finally, in case of an emergency situation, such as a fire or earthquake, having a visitor management system can help authorities quickly ensure that everyone on-site has been evacuated and accounted for. The ability to quickly assess the situation could be the difference between life and death.

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Visitor management systems help you securely manage data 

Having a secure way to manage data is critical across all aspects of your business—and this is no different when it comes to visitor management.

The analog way of managing visitors is with a publicly accessible logbook, on a desk, filled with pages of names, phone numbers, and email addresses, where anyone can easily access and leaf through the data. Best case scenario? Some of your visitors may feel uncomfortable with this unsecured visitor data. Worst case? It can lead to potential liability. 

A technology-enabled visitor management system securely manages all visitor information and ensures that visitors can only see their own personal data, as opposed to seeing the private data of every person who has visited in the past.

Visitor management software can also be used to seamlessly manage and securely store required legal documentation that visitors need to sign before entering your office, such as NDAs, contracts, and more.

Visitor management systems help create a modern guest experience

What type of first impression do you want to create for customers visiting your office? For your candidates coming on-site for an interview? For clients that you’re hoping to impress? 

First impressions matter. Your visitor management tool can create a consistent, high-quality, modern first impression for all guests. In fact, your visitor management system should give off the first impression before your visitors even step into your lobby. Employees should be able to easily pre-register guests so visitors will know what to expect before coming on-site. Guests can even get an email before arriving at your office with important information, like directions or parking instructions.

And, to help create a strong first impression of your business, you can customize your employer branding and logo in a modern visitor management kiosk to put your company’s brand identity front and center.

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Visitor management systems help save you time by digitizing your workflow

Visitor management software should save time for both visitors and for your company. With a visitor management tool, visitors will move through the check-in process more efficiently, with a few prompts on a tablet when they arrive. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having someone always present at a front desk to greet your visitors, which can be helpful if you have a hybrid office.

Your company will be able to easily access guest information with the click of a button, instead of having to wade through massive amounts of paper logbooks. NDAs and required legal documents will also be digitally stored and quickly accessible. On top of that, using a visitor management tool will give you a rich set of analytics about the type of visitors entering your office, when they come, and how long they stay. With these insights, you’ll be able to continually improve office operations and processes. 

Visitor management software is crucial for modern workplaces. Not only does it create a streamlined, enjoyable experience for visitors, but it helps keep everyone safe, securely manages personal data, and makes processes more efficient for your team. If you’d like to learn more about Eden's visitor management tool and see if it works for your office, schedule a demo with our team today.

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