Introducing COVID-19 Document Tracking for Visitors

Sunny Chalam
March 15, 2022
vaccine tracking for visitors, covid team safety, vaccination tracking

Today, we're excited to launch COVID-19 document tracking for visitors—a proven way to ensure the safety of anyone coming into your office.

As our world slowly begins to open up, ensuring the safety of all of our employees who choose to come into the office is of paramount importance. 

While tracking our teams’ vaccine and booster information was an important first step, they are no longer the only individuals entering an office. From interview candidates to package deliverers, visitors make up an important part of the functioning and richness of an in-person office experience.  

COVID-19 document tracking for visitors

Over the last year, Eden Workplace has helped hundreds of companies adapt to the challenges of running a hybrid workplace in the post-COVID world. Our research, experience, and collective efforts culminate in the launch of COVID-19 document tracking for visitors, a simple user experience tool to track vaccine documents and negative test results for visitors, and ensure the safety of everyone in your office.

As office admins need to be able to continuously manage a greater number of office visitors as our world comes back to normal, ensuring that those guests are in compliance with the office policy on vaccinations will only grow more important.

Why use our tool to manage visitors’ COVID documents?

It’s simple. Admins can easily set up whether incoming visitors will need COVID documentation to enter, and which type of documents are required (vaccine cards or negative test results).

Visitors easily upload their documents when completing their wellness survey during the check-in process through our software. Upon upload, office admins can quickly validate the documents, ensuring a smooth and easy visit to the office for the visitor. Information on vaccine and negative test expiry will be stored for repeat visitors to streamline the check-in process for their next visit.

If you’re already using our visitor management software, go ahead and set up your account to validate COVID vaccine cards for visitors, and ensure the continued safety of your office today. 

If you’re interested in getting started with our visitor management tool, request a demo and our team will walk you through how to take advantage of all of our visitor management functionality.

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