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Keep your team safe with employee vaccine tracking, negative test result monitoring, and health questionnaires

Create a safer workplace for all with Eden’s COVID Team Safety solutions. Conduct health screening surveys, collect and store test results and vaccination information securely, and offer a touchless check-in experience.

How it works

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Track employee vaccination status

Manage employee vaccination documents and negative COVID test results, exempt designated users from the wellness survey, and manage office attendance and desk reservation eligibility by user.
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Offer customizable wellness surveys

Create and share custom forms to verify the health of every employee and guest who enters the office. Make visitors and employees feel confident in your commitment to their health and safety.
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Monitor visitor vaccination status and test results

Workplace vaccine tracking isn’t just about your employees—it’s important to monitor the health status of visitors as well. Collect and upload visitor vaccination and test result information before they even arrive at your office.
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Conduct contact tracing

Know exactly who has used which conference rooms, desks, and other spaces in your office. Our COVID Team Safety tools make it easier to manage contact tracing if needed.
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Create a touchless experience

Let employees and visitors check in, sign forms and legal documents, and print credentials upon entry—all without touching a thing.
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Manage your office safely

Meet any social distancing and safety guidelines by managing who is onsite each day. Create a safe, streamlined process for returning to the workplace.

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Save Over 10%
  • 1 location and 50 employees
  • Employee registration and capacity limits
  • Track & manage COVID-19 documents (i.e., vaccine cards)
  • Wellness checks
  • Touchless sign in
  • Visitor management
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  • Slack and Teams integration
  • Customizable registration windows
  • Employee check-in on iPad kiosk
  • Create multiple, location and guest specific health questionnaires
$109 / Month / Location
$89 / Month / Location
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  • Everything in Accelerate
  • Custom forms & sign in flows
  • Access control integrations
  • Single Sign-On and Directory Syncing
$209 / Month / Location
$179 / Month / Location
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  • Everything in Scale
  • Custom integrations
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Frequently asked questions

Do businesses need to do employee vaccine tracking?

For most businesses, employee vaccine tracking is allowed, but not mandatory. So, it’s up to individual companies to choose whether or not they will implement a vaccination policy or track employee vaccination status.

What should you use to track employee vaccinations and health status?

Employee vaccination status, test results, and overall health information can be tracked manually, or with a tool like Eden’s Team Safety designed specifically for workplace vaccination and health tracking. 

Manual tracking often looks like asking employees to send images of their vaccination cards, and keeping a spreadsheet, or sending Google Form surveys to employees to gather info on their health status and potential exposure. But, this method involves added administrative work, and is not a secure way to gather and store employee health information. Using a dedicated tool eliminates security concerns, and makes it easier for admin teams to collect the health data they need to maintain a healthy, safe workplace.

Workplace vaccination tracking and wellness surveys help you create a safe office environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way our offices work.

As your company returns to the office, taking the necessary safety precautions is vital.

You need a COVID employee safety tool that prioritizes health and workplace safety for both your employees and office visitors.

Eden’s COVID Team Safety solutions help companies implement a safe, smooth transition back to work in the office. You’ll be able to conduct both visitor and employee vaccination tracking, upload negative test results, and issue customizable health surveys for anyone coming into the office.

With Eden’s COVID Team Safety software, you can:

  • Request employee and visitor vaccination documents
  • Upload and store negative test results for both employees and visitors
  • Issue wellness surveys to verify the health of each person entering your space
  • Reduce administrative work for your HR and People Operations teams by providing an easy, secure way to collect and verify employee health
  • Follow social distancing guidelines
  • Ensure guests feel comfortable visiting your office space
  • Cut down on the spread of COVID with a touch-free check-in process and allow employees to reserve a desk
  • Export detailed logs of who has been in your office for contact tracing

Keeping your company safe is more important now than ever before—and Eden’s COVID Team Safety software makes it easy.

3rd-party integrations

Eden integrates with the 3rd-party tools your team already uses—streamlining your workflow to help you work wonders.

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