Visitor Management

Eden’s visitor management system enables people-centric organizations to take the hassle out of welcoming visitors to the office.

How it works

  1. Register office guests in advance - Make office visits easier for guests by letting employees register their visitors in advance. Plus, by offering advance guest registration, office hosts can streamline the entire visit through a visitor management system that sends pre-registered guestss everything they need to know about your office in an email invite ahead of time.
  2. Enable guests to check in smoothly and effortlessly - Create a delightful check in experience for every visitor to your office. Allow guests to easily check in via tablet upon arrival, or in advance of their visit. Plus, you can print badges, collect signatures for NDAs and other security related documents, and conduct health screenings to make sure every guest at the office has a flawless visit from start to finish.
  3. Automatically notify team members when guests have arrived - Notify your employees automatically when their guests arrive, either through email or via our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations. Eden’s automated, real-time notifications reduce wait times and help make an excellent impression on office visitors.
  4. Make return visits easy for repeat office guests - Let frequent visitors return easily without the hassle of registering, pre-screening, or signing documents over and over again. Track past guests and prepare for their future visits, creating a better visitor experience.
  5. Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools - Employees can register, pre-screen, and welcome their guests to the office using the tools they work in every day. Eden's visitor management system integrates with Slack, Teams, Google Calendar, and more, to make it easy to invite guests to the office and create a smooth visitor experience.

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