Desk Booking

Eden’s hot desk booking system enables your employees to easily book their hot desk for the day, from anywhere.

How it works

  1. Design your floor plan for desk reservations - Set up your floor plan for easy hot desk booking. Designate desks as permanently assigned or bookable. Build neighborhoods so teammates can book desks near each other. Assign amenities and features to desks so employees can book the workstation that fits their needs each day.
  2. Employees book a desk from anywhere - Employees pick which desk they want to work from—either day-of, or in advance—via web, Slack, Teams, or the Eden app. They can check desk availability, make a desk reservation, review hot desk confirmation emails while on the go, and more. Admins can also book desks on behalf of others in the company.
  3. Track desk usage metrics - Understand how your space is being used. Measure utilization of your space to inform your real estate decisions. Get insights into the number of employees using the office to reduce wasted space and optimize your desk layout.
  4. Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools - Employees can reserve a hot desk, confirm desk reservations, and add them to their calendar or work chat. Eden's hot desking software integrates with Slack, Teams, Google Calendar, identity providers for SSO and directory syncing, and more, to make it easy to offer hot desk booking while keeping your hybrid office organized and productive.

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