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6 Strategies for Retaining Top Talent

Having strategies in place for retaining (and attracting) great talent is more important than ever. This ebook draws from industry research and interviews with expert business leaders and HR/People Operations professionals, and outlines six strategies you can implement in your company to reduce turnover, attract new talent, and keep your employees happy, productive, and fulfilled at work.


How to Use Workplace Software to Keep Hybrid Teams Happy

Job resignations hit a 20-year high of 4.5 million last November, and voluntary turnover has continued at a busy pace. Employers are concerned and know they must provide the kind of work culture—in the office and hybrid—that people like to be part of. This playbook explores how companies are finding creative new ways to stabilize work teams.


The HR Manager’s Guide to a Safe Return to the Office

We’ve prepared a guide for you to help plan for your return to office, from what kind of employee input you should be seeking to what sort of timelines you should aim to meet certain benchmarks at.


Technology Trends in the Age of the Dynamic Workplace

In this whitepaper, we share these key pillars, the results of the survey, and take a tour of the future office.


The State of the Workplace Team

Learn how workplace teams supported their companies in 2019–and what they need to succeed in 2020.


Internal Communications Guide

Tips and templates for delivering effective, scalable, and productive messaging to your colleagues.


The Complete Guide to Office Management

Understand the breadth of the job in day-to-day task management, project management of large initiatives, and team support.


Pet Policy Template

Create an inclusive and safe pet policy for your office and get ready to welcome some furry friends!


Valentine's Day Fortune Teller

Why stress about Valentine’s Day when you can let fortune decide your fate? Just print it out, fold it up, and pick a color!