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Intuitive, modern mailroom management software for your office

Track and manage package and mail deliveries easily through Eden. 

Intake packages and mail effortlessly via our mobile app, notify employees automatically, and get real-time alerts and inventory status updates. 

How it works

Deliveries app

Intake packages and mail easily 

Use the Eden mobile app to easily scan incoming packages and mail, and confirm the right recipient. Or, manually enter the recipient info if needed. Eden will automatically match the recipient to the correct employee in your user directory. 
Deliveries package notifications

Automate package delivery alerts 

Eden automatically alerts employees when they have mail or packages ready for pickup. Customize notification delivery with features like delayed send, and avoid forgotten deliveries cluttering your mailroom with reminder alerts. Plus, employees can receive alerts and mark deliveries as picked up via Slack, Teams, the Eden mobile app, and email. 
Deliveries admin dashboard

Access real-time inventory status updates

No more trips to the mailroom to see if an important delivery has arrived. Employees can see instantly if they have deliveries to pick up, and administrators can view the number of picked up and not picked up packages and mail in the mailroom at any time—across multiple offices and mailrooms.
Deliveries analytics

View detailed mailroom analytics

Increase efficiency and eliminate guesswork with detailed mailroom data. View, sort, and export mail and package delivery history by location, timeframe, or employee. 

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  • Max 100 deliveries / month across all locations
  • Mobile app—scan or manually record deliveries 
  • Employee registration and automatic package and mail matching 
  • Notifications via email, mobile app, Slack, or Teams integrations 
  • Customizable reminder and notification options 
  • View, sort, and export detailed data and analytics
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  • Everything in Starter—plus unlimited deliveries 
$149 / Month / Location
$189 / Month / Location
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  • Everything in Accelerate
  • Single sign on integrations
  • Directory sync integrations
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Frequently asked questions

What is mailroom management?

Mailroom management is the process of organizing all package and mail deliveries arriving at an office or other workplace. This includes the systems in place for notifying administrators that any deliveries have arrived, scanning and intaking packages and mail, alerting the recipient that their delivery is ready for pickup, storing deliveries, and so on.

To perform efficient mailroom management, companies often use a software system to seamlessly capture the package or document information and notify the recipient of its location.

Does office delivery software manage both packages and mail?

The best mailroom management software should allow you to manage any type of office delivery, including both packages and mail. With Eden’s Deliveries, office administrators can receive, intake, and alert employees regarding any type of delivery that arrives at the office, from letters to larger packages. 

Build better administrative processes with mailroom management software

Workplace experience and office management teams wear many different hats. 

Making sure the mailroom is organized and everyone gets their deliveries is an added hassle on top of an already-busy schedule. 

Plus, your entire team might not be working in the office every day if your company operates with a hybrid workplace model, which means you’re not just running across the office to tell someone a package has arrived (which is already inconvenient enough). 

Managing your mailroom the old-fashioned way isn’t going to cut it—important mail gets misplaced, packages pile up and create clutter and disorganization, and you’re left with time-consuming manual administrative work and employee follow-ups. 

How Deliveries with Eden makes mailroom management easier: 

  • Simplify the process of intaking packages and mail—just scan a label with our mobile app
  • Let employees know when to pick up mail or packages (even if they’re not currently working from the office) with automated, customizable alerts
  • Cut down on confusion—employees can easily see if their mail and packages have arrived, from anywhere 
  • Access historical delivery data, sort information by office location, employee, or delivery date, and export data as needed
  • Integrate with other workplace management tools, like Desk Booking, Visitor Management, Internal Ticketing, and more

3rd-party integrations

Eden integrates with the 3rd-party tools your team already uses—streamlining your workflow to help you work wonders.

Learn more about Eden’s integrations

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