Why We Built Our People Success Suite

Joe Du Bey
August 4, 2022
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Perhaps you've seen the exciting news—we now offer Performance Management software, which is the beginning of our new People Success suite of tools. 

I wanted to share with you some quick thoughts on why we have decided to build tools beyond our initial hybrid office use case, and what you can expect next.

When COVID shook the world in 2020, we decided to shift our business model from its prior focus and instead build software for the radically different future of work that we saw coming.

After speaking with hundreds of HR, Workplace, and IT managers, we kept hearing two main customer needs: we need better tools to feel prepared to lead our companies into the newly changed work landscape, and we’d love some vendor consolidation while you’re at it. We found out that the average 100 person startup was using more than 200 SaaS point solutions, a real headache for their teams!

With the goal of providing our customers with the most comprehensive offering of tools that could solve their needs across HR + Workplace + IT, we have decided to build on a few specific themes that we saw as most critical to our vision of the future: work flexibility, employee growth, and unleashing creativity.

Building flexible, employee-centric tools for People Success

We have focused on flexibility first—specifically, helping our customers make the transition to hybrid with our Flexible Office suite, which includes tools such as desk booking. We will keep innovating with this suite, and expect continued rapid enhancement of each product in it.

Up now is our focus on employee growth with our People Success suite, and our Performance Management tools are just the start. Expect to soon have engagement surveys, pulse surveys, and more, so that you can provide your team with structured growth in Eden.

Later this year, we will begin to work on tools that unleash creativity. These products will be focused on taking a fresh look at the more “classic” tools for IT and HR, and incorporating a modern spin to make them more integrated and useful, so we can automate away repetitive or low value tasks for clients, enabling them to focus on higher impact, more creative work.  

Our vision is to be the all-in-one HR + Workplace + IT suite of tools for our clients, and this is just the beginning. Thank you for being an Eden customer.

Onwards and upwards!

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