Eden Performance Management Software

Customizable 360 employee review software at scale

Eden’s performance management software enables people-centric teams to gather 360 feedback, customize review cycles, access historical reviews, and manage all of your employee review processes.
Hundreds of people-centric teams love Eden

How it works

Design customizable, holistic review cycles

No more restrictive, inflexible performance review processes. With Eden’s employee performance management software, you can create fully-customizable review cycles, select your review cadence, and create workflows tailored to specific team or company requirements.

Gather 360 review feedback across your organization or by department

Set up 360 review cycles to ensure that everyone in your company is receiving the feedback they need to grow at work. And, measure exactly what your company is trying to measure—create any type of question for any workflow, from long-answer, to numerical or quick response ratings, to optional responses, and more.

Access current and historical review cycle data

Ensure your team stays on track and never misses a deadline through employee performance management software. See who has started their reviews, who is in progress, and when reviews have been submitted. Then, once a review cycle is over, collect and store historical, company-wide data on performance trends, employee satisfaction, and more, to inform planning and hiring decisions.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools

Employees can keep on top of their performance review cycle deliverables within the tools they’re already using. Eden's employee performance management software integrates with Slack, Teams, identity providers for SSO and directory syncing, and more, making it easy to conduct 360 feedback cycles and notify employees when they have new review deadlines.

Key Features

Empower your team with people-centric performance management processes

Ask employees to assess their own performance, wins, and areas for improvement within their role
Upward and Downward Reviews
Conduct 360 reviews with peer review assignments, direct report reviews, and managerial reviews
Customizable Questions
Design the questions and templates your org needs to run a successful review cycle, from short answer to long answer, numeric, rating, and more
Instant Notifications
Send automatic alerts to team members via email, Slack, and Teams when they have upcoming and active deadlines waiting for them during an active review cycle
Share Results
Keep your people informed on the outcome of reviews by sharing results once the cycle is complete
Live and Historical Reporting
Check the status of open review cycles to make sure everyone finishes their reviews, and access historical data from closed review cycles

50+ third-party integrations

Eden’s employee performance management software integrates with the third-party tools your team already uses, streamlining your review workflow to help you work wonders.
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Powerful tools that empower managers and employees

For admins

Eden offers flexible performance management software that People Operations admins can customize to fit their organization’s needs. Whether you run annual or quarterly cycles, org-wide or department-wide cycles, or any combination of these, our employee performance management software gives you the ability to design review questions, templates, and workflows that work best for your organization’s learning goals.

For employees

Employees can complete their peer and self reviews easily through our performance management software. Enable your team to complete open reviews, review peer and manager feedback, and receive notifications via email, Slack, and Teams, so they’ll never miss a review cycle deadline.
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Why people-centric teams love Eden

Learn how great companies around the world have used Eden to create a better workplace and employee experience.
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Dana Rosenkranz
“I'm really leaning on Eden to give me all the information that I need, without having to write and pull multiple reports.”
Deva Djaafar
America’s Test Kitchen
“Eden ties everything together. It gives everyone a one-stop shop.”
Shayla Belanger
"Eden is really helpful not just for my team, but also for the whole company."
Christine Stromer
Movable Ink
“From first impressions, we really liked the clean, simple, and intuitive UI. All of it is pretty seamless.”

Build a better employee experience from one comprehensive platform

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Make managing the employee experience better for your team (and your employees) by leveraging an all-in-one platform and saying goodbye to point solutions. Eden helps you create a better hybrid workplace and build delightful employee experiences through Performance Management, Desk Booking, Room Scheduling, Visitor Management, Internal Ticketing, Deliveries, and Team Safety.

Offer flexible seating that promotes collaboration and productivity
Let your employees book their own hot desk for the days they work from the office so they can be their most effective selves.
Welcome visitors to your space safely and securely
Let your visitors pre-register, check in, and visit your office with ease. Securely share documents, collect signatures, and enforce any safety precautions, like vaccine tracking or wellness surveys.
Increase efficiencies, from office tasks to employee support
Create scalable processes for managing incoming mail and packages, resolve internal support questions, and tackle any workplace or HR request that comes across your team’s dashboard.
Get the full picture of how space is being used in your offices
Add conference and meeting rooms into your floorplan to support team meetings and collaboration, understand which rooms and desks are the most popular, and make smart decisions about your real estate needs and office initiatives.

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Still have questions about performance management solutions? We have answers.

What is performance management?

Performance management is the process of evaluating how well a company or individual is performing against a predefined criteria. In this context, performance management refers to how an organization measures an employee’s job performance, as well as measuring how well the organization is performing against employee expectations.

To ensure structured career growth, a company typically uses a performance management software system to conduct and capture feedback, review cycles, and praise, and to have a repository of data that can be kept for future reference.

Is performance management the same thing as performance reviews?

Performance reviews are the cornerstone of performance management. But, performance management refers to the entire process—from writing reviews to giving regular constructive feedback and offering praise.

To drive the performance management process internally, a company often uses a performance management software system that streamlines the process of conducting review cycles, providing praise, and collecting constructive feedback.  

Should you use performance management software?

You should use performance management software if you want an easy way to conduct performance reviews, analyze data, and help your employees grow and perform at their best—while also reducing administrative work and improving employee experience.

How does performance review software make a difference in the employee experience?

Using performance review software to streamline your performance management processes can help you build better employee experiences in several ways.

There’s nothing worse than siloed information when you’re working to build a better performance management system for your organization. You want a flexible tool that integrates with the tech stack you work in every day, like Slack, Teams, your email platform, and your HRIS.

Using software for performance reviews also creates one place to give, receive, and store feedback. With a single place to capture feedback, managers can easily refer to this information in advance of one-on-ones, to write performance reviews, and when making pay raise or promotion decisions.

But, perhaps most importantly, a performance management tool is non-negotiable because it can help prevent bias. When you have a standardized process for measuring employee performance, everyone is held accountable to the same standards—meaning that no employees receive special treatment or miss out on valuable feedback that will help them grow and improve.

How does Eden’s performance management software compare to other solutions?

Eden’s performance management software is loved by our customers for our delightful and user-friendly interface, our wide range of third-party integrations, and, of course, our competitive pricing.

Our Customer Success team hears every day from happy customers about how easy our performance management software is to use for employees and admins alike, no matter how tech-savvy the user is.

Plus, we view our customers as our partners and always solicit feedback when planning what features to build next, how features should work, and what the user experience should be when the features are live. Odds are, if you become an Eden customer, you’ll be able to help shape the future of our performance management software!

Is there a trial version of Eden’s performance management software?

Yes! If you’re interested in getting started with performance management software, our team would be more than happy to set you up with a 14 day trial after a brief demo.

We try to do a demo with interested users before the trial starts to make sure you know all of the features and functionalities that are available to you so you can have the best trial experience possible.

Want to see a demo? Sign up here.

Hundreds of people-centric companies use Eden to build better employee experiences.