Introducing: Employee Vaccine Tracking Software

Hannah Zwick
November 4, 2021
employee vaccine tracking software

Meet Eden Workplace’s newest COVID-19 team safety offering: document tracking that allows you to upload and track employee vaccination status, COVID test results, and more. 

Plus, you’ll have the ability to control on a case-by-case basis who needs to complete health surveys to work from your office, and who is even eligible to work in-person.

Track employee vaccination status with COVID-19 document uploads

Now you can track employee COVID-19 documents within our team safety product. 

Employees can self-upload or your team can manage documents on the employee's profile. As an admin, you can verify or reject a document, as well as pull reports on vaccine statuses.

employee vaccine documents

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Manage workplace access based on document status

When approving COVID-19 documents, team safety admins determine whether or not an employee is eligible to make a reservation to work from the office. 

Additionally, admins can also exempt employees from being required to complete a wellness survey on days they book a desk or reserve a conference room.

New admin role within team safety

The team safety admin role gives the administrator access to view, verify, deny, and generally manage uploaded team safety documents. Administrators can assign this role on the user's profile.

You can now designate specific employees as team safety admins. This new role can view, verify, deny, and generally manage uploaded documentation. 

Administrators can assign this role on the user’s profile under Settings > Manage Employees: 

Maker users admins

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With 2022 fast approaching, most companies are preparing to expand their return to offices. But, it’s crucial that your team feels safe with the return to in-person work. How are you prioritizing keeping the office COVID-safe? 

If you don’t have a user-friendly system for tracking employee COVID documents in place, request a demo and we’ll show you how you can use Eden Workplace to keep your teams safe.

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