How Movable Ink Optimized Their Hybrid Offices

Movable Ink needed a straightforward way to manage their transition to a hybrid workplace. 

They needed to keep track of who was working in the office, and keep everyone safe by tracking employee health and wellness—without adding hours of administrative work.

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Movable Ink


San Francisco, Chicago, London, New York



Products used

Desk Booking, Visitor Management

“We knew we needed software. It was not manageable in a spreadsheet at all.”


Movable Ink is a marketing personalization software company based in New York City. 

But, they also have offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and London—as well as a growing number of remote employees all over the world. 

Christine Stromer is the Director of Workplace Experience for Movable Ink. She’s in charge of organizing a return to office experience that is safe, convenient, and flexible enough to meet the needs of her team, as well as the ever-changing landscape of in-office work. 

“Being across so many cities with different, ever-changing policies and procedures was a challenge.”

“Our challenge in New York City was that the COVID rules and regulations were different from our other city locations,” says Christine. 

The Movable Ink team needed a way to allow employees to book desks in various locations, pull reports on office usage, conduct contact tracing, and send out wellness surveys for hundreds of employees. 

Manually tracking who was in the office, as well as securely collecting health information for the entire company, would have added hours of additional work for her and her team, as well as created a complicated, unpleasant experience for employees. 

“We knew we obviously needed a tool to manage it.” 


Christine wanted a tool that was easy to use, intuitive, and feature-rich enough to meet Movable Ink’s needs without being so feature-heavy that it felt cumbersome. 

She also didn’t want a tool that was “just a Slack app or a less robust solution.” She didn’t think these tools were a good fit for a company with hundreds of employees and offices around the world. 

“You wouldn't be able to pull up a floor plan to look at anything,” says Christine. “It would just be a list of people who are going in on certain days, which, if you're a 20 person company, maybe that makes sense.” 

But, many solutions they evaluated felt weighed down by unnecessary features, or didn’t offer enough flexibility. 

“There are some solutions that are way too robust. They wanted to sell this whole package of things that we didn't quite need.” 

Movable Ink wanted a tool that was easy for everyone in the company to use, was flexible enough to manage the different requirements of offices in multiple countries, reduced administrative work, and was HIPAA compliant. 


Eden Workplace was the flexible, modern workplace management system that Movable Ink was looking for. 

“From first impressions, we really liked the clean, simple, and intuitive UI.”

Using Eden Workplace has helped Christine and the Movable Ink team to solve the challenges of moving to a hybrid environment, all while empowering the company to stay COVID-safe and compliant. And, because Eden Workplace offers flexible, à la carte pricing, Movable Ink is able to use only the products they currently need. They use Desk Booking for employee desk reservations, and Visitor Management to send out customized wellness surveys. 

The process of implementing Eden Workplace’s Desk Booking and Visitor Management products was straightforward. Once initial onboarding was complete, Christine says the team found it easy to set up and manage everything themselves.

“All of it is pretty seamless. Once we set up the different office locations, people are able to just go in and manage it on their own.”

Movable Ink found it easy to adopt Eden Workplace as part of their new hybrid tool suite, and they’ve received great feedback from employees on ease of use. “People were commenting about how easy it was to book when we first rolled it out,” says Christine. 

Movable Ink appreciated how seamless the setup process was, as well as how easy it is to use Eden Workplace’s Slack integration for desk booking. 

How Movable Ink uses Eden Workplace to improve operations and employee engagement

It’s been clear to Christine that implementing Eden Workplace’s products has reduced administrative work and helped Movable Ink’s offices stay safe and compliant. 

“Tools like Eden make my life easier day in and day out.”

But, the impacts go beyond drastically cutting down on manual data entry and organizational hassles. 

Using Eden Workplace also helps foster a more collaborative culture where employees are enthusiastic about coming into work. 

The Movable Ink team now uses Eden Workplace to collaborate in person, and plan their in-office days based on when their coworkers will also be coming in. “Without the tool, you might be Slacking all sorts of people and trying to figure that out on your own,” says Christine. 

“It's been really nice to see this excitement around the return to office.”

Employees can also use Eden Workplace to come into the office and work in an environment that is less distracting than their home offices. “One of my colleagues, for example, will come in on less busy days because he knows he can get more focused work done,” says Christine.  

Finally, Christine can make informed decisions about when to hold team-building events in the office, to help build a cohesive company culture. 

“We've been seeing that most people book their days in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays. So then, we use it to plan our in-office events to say, ‘Okay, Wednesdays and Thursdays are when we do treats or whatever it is. So, it works hand-in-hand in that way.’”

Overall, using Eden Workplace for Desk Booking and Visitor Management enables Movable Ink to build a hybrid workplace culture where employees are empowered to create an enjoyable, productive office experience.

And, using a tool to manage the process makes it seamless, secure, and easy for Christine and everyone else on the Operations and administrative teams. 

“I don't think it could be overstated how much Eden Workplace has helped with re-opening, and having all these features and tracking to be able to help a variety of different teams ensure that we have a compliant, safe, and organized return to office.”

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