Your 2020 Career Goals and How to Achieve Them

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January 24, 2020

In partnership with The Newsette, we’ve collected the most helpful responses from their readers on the question: What are your personal career goals for 2020 and how are you planning to achieve them?

Get the promotion 

I'm looking to add "senior" to my title and take on additional responsibilities outside of what my current role entails. I plan to achieve this by working closely with my managers to take on more advanced project and develop a timeline for achieving goals that translate to more seniority and additional compensation.  - Victoria V.

Set myself up for a promotion. Get more visibility to leadership and be more vocal in meetings to prove my value. - Michelle V.

I'm working toward a promotion in 2020. I'll hit my 2 year work-iversary in April and to prepare, I've been slowly curating a collection of my projects that show how I've positively influenced our clients, our company, and expanded the role and profile of my team. - Keeley G.

Advancing your career with a promotion or title change at your current job is a strong 2020 career goal. Prepare to make this happen by keeping track of the projects you’ve accomplished, the classes or events you’ve attended to learn or sharpen your skill set, and by proactively expressing your goals to your team, coworkers, and manager.

Learn and develop as a professional

Push myself out of my comfort zone by volunteering for challenging projects that I can learn from. - Jessica D.

Working on how I manage my emotions at work by getting better at rolling with the punches and navigating challenging times without feeling defeated, as well as being more patient with myself and others, and finally by setting boundaries and sticking to them! - Samantha R.

Getting out of your comfort zone is scary—especially at work. Find allies in your office who you can trust and talk to when you feel overwhelmed or uncertain. Surrounding yourself with others who bring you positivity and a logical point-of-view will be a tremendous help for feeling bold, motivated, and optimistic.

Start or grow a business

Put more time and effort in my side businesses. Continue to build the foundations, learn and network.  - Liz J.

I plan to start my own business in the next couple of years, so my goal is to start researching and saving money, so I can hit the ground running once the time is right. - Tifanee G.

I want to learn more, read more, and take some business classes, so I can be educated about how best to manage my side project, a digital magazine. - Ifrah A.

This is your year to really invest in the side hustle you’re passionate about! If you’re having trouble finding the time between work and life to devote to your project, ask your workplace team if you can start an after-work club dedicated to focusing on passion projects. You’re more likely to stay motivated when you have a specific time carved out for achieving your goal and opening it up to other people means a free network of diverse perspectives, ideas, and motivators. 

Get proactive about the next step

Either get a raise or get a new job in another industry with a pay raise. I’ll pursue this goal by joining local headhunter networks, polishing resume, and doing salary compares. - Lisa G.

I am two years out of college and I'm in an entry level sales role. In 2020, I will pursue (and acquire!) the sales manager role at my company through exceeding sales goals. I am also in the process of opening a card shop on Etsy and in 2020 I will get my company in the black! - Ani M.

I've been interning since I graduated college in May, and in 2020 I want to have a job. I am currently trying to network with people in the office where I intern. I’m also searching LinkedIn for jobs and companies that are good and realistic work environments for an entry level job in a field that I will actually enjoy. - Hannah T.

Get a new job that is a step up from my current position. I am planning to move to a new city and work at a bigger agency than I do now. I am going to leverage my connections and know my worth! - Shaeffer S.

Take the leap and start working your way to a new career path in 2020. Be vocal about the kind of job you want or the industry you want to move into. Talk to your friends, family, and professional network about your goals. You’ll be surprised at the number of connections and introductions that can be made simply by starting a conversation. Research networking events in your area. If you feel like you might flake, ask a friend to join you for an added level of accountability—showing up is half the battle!

Take initiative in your role

I would love to launch a new product/website as a branch of our current company. I have just begun the stages of writing down everything and organizing a calendar of when we need to complete it to accomplish it! - Trish R.

I really enjoy where I work and the company I am currently with. However, I currently have no potential for growth within my department. For 2020, I would like to be brave enough to sit down with my supervisors and ask them to map out a growth plan for me, even if it has to be in another department. And if they are not willing to do this with me, then to take the steps necessary to grow my career elsewhere. - Ana C.

Taking initiative in your role means looking for growth opportunities at your company wherever possible. If you have a project in mind you want to tackle, create a timeline and try to think of every piece and person necessary to make it happen. When you’ve made some headway with your plan, talk to key stakeholders at your company who you may need approval from or even to get general feedback. 

Not sure what exactly your 2020 goal should be, but want to push yourself forward? Set up 20-30 minute coffee chats with different coworkers and ask them what they’re working on, if they have any goals for the upcoming year, and what they wish they could put their time/energy toward. You might find inspiration—or even a teammate to start a project with.

Maintain a positive outlook

To remain optimistic throughout the year. - Ruchika S.

Regardless of your specific 2020 career goals, sustaining a positive outlook will do nothing but help you succeed. Share your dreams with friends, write them down, revisit them, and celebrate even the smallest wins.

2020 is your year to set goals, advance your career, deepen your knowledge, and find inspiration.

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