Using Social Media to Empower Your Coworkers

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July 19, 2019

Building a sense of community and belonging across an employee network can be difficult. Between remote employees, multiple offices, and the growing emphasis of company culture in the workplace, many companies are getting creative and using social media to connect with their coworkers. Platforms like Instagram allows companies to celebrate their culture and encourages connection and inclusion within their team.

In addition to current employees, many prospective candidates are searching for your company’s name on social media—likely before they even apply. They want to know: do people look happy? Does the office look like a place I’ll like? Could I see myself going there every day if I were to get the job? Your page should ideally give them some insight.

We’ve collected some examples of companies building culture on social media that will hopefully inspire you to show off more of the team that makes your company great in new and innovative ways.

Life at Google

What’s life like at work? Google wants to tell you! Their Instagram page, Life at Google, gives the world a glimpse into their day-to-day. 

Most posts come from employee submitted photos through their #LifeatGoogle hashtag. A hashtag gives employees an easy way to share photos of their experiences at work. It’s also a great way for employees to connect and interact with one another’s content, fostering community among a vast team.

When your business is as large as Google’s, the culture tends to vary depending on what office location you find yourself working in. A dedicated Instagram page like this allows Google to spotlight who works in their many offices and how they spend their time. Google is known to have eclectic and fun workspaces, and this page is a great way to show how each one is unique in both design and community.

Buzzfeed Careers 

Buzzfeed has created a more career-focused social media account that is dedicated to promoting open roles, giving tips on interviewing at their company, and showing what it’s like on the other side once you’ve been hired. 

While they also have an Instagram page devoted to their culture, BuzzFeed Career’s Twitter page is where they talk strictly jobs. They use their Twitter to answer questions tweeted to them about their application and interview process. They also use their platform to start discussions around the overall topic of applying for jobs, such as tips for writing cover letters. 

A page like this allows a potential employee to feel heard and seen before they even step in the door, making for a more transparent interview process and employee experience. If your company is looking to build more of a connection with candidates, this could be the way to do it. 

“A day in the life” of an employee

Not every company is big enough to have multiple pages and many choose not to regardless of size. A majority of businesses simply find creative ways to incorporate culture into their primary accounts. 

Mailchimp, for example, uses their Instagram Stories to highlight employees with features such as “A day in the life” and “Mailchimp has talent." While the main content on their page is product-focused, using their Stories is a creative way to include some culture as well. Their features allow you to get to know employees that work for Mailchimp and who they are inside and outside of the office. 

Overall, social media can be a great tool to use as a way to appreciate employees and connect with outside teams or remote workers. We hope with these examples, you’ve been inspired to try something new when building your community.

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