7 Types of Software Every Office Manager Needs

Thomas Adams
July 19, 2019

For many office managers, there are several obstacles within the workplace that must be overcome in order to establish a productive and efficient work environment. These obstacles can prevent maximized potential and keep offices from achieving the highest amount of profitability for the company as a whole.

Thankfully, there are a variety of tools and software offered today that can aid managers in operating a well run workplace and accomplish the goals they have set for themselves and their team.

Regardless of the specific industry they may reside in, all office managers have a general responsibility of retaining order within their workplace and representing the core principles and values that are to be held by those who work under them. To do this in a way that can actually result in substantial benefits for every member of the team, it’s practical to make use of the diverse array of office tools that are offered on the market today.

It can be difficult to figure out which software may be the best for your specific objectives, but this issue can be combated by examining the specific opportunities that each tool opens up and how it relates to your operations.

Here are 7 types of software that most office managers are using to manage their workplace and day-to-day tasks more efficiently:

1. Task Management Software

Task management software is great for office managers who are looking to save some of their time and resources by delegating aspects of their normal operations to an advanced, efficient system that can effectively lift some of the work off of their shoulders.

Many businesses around the world, both large and small, have included this office management software as part of their daily activity in order to increase overall productivity and result in a business environment where the focus can be put on bigger situations without having to worry about managing individual tasks.

The most major positive impact that arises due to these services is the improved productivity that it brings. When small tasks become controlled by an automated system, you and your team no longer have to worry about them.

This gives you more time to stay committed to the larger characteristics of your business so that you can achieve success in a manner based around efficiency and timeliness. When this occurs, not only will you have less stress but your customers will also be met with a higher quality service that leads to a better reflection on yourself and your brand.

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2. Invoicing Software

Invoicing software is a helpful tool that gives users the opportunity to automatically produce billing for services and products offered by individuals or their company.

The software works by developing an in-depth list of the services offered by a business in a way that describes what each one is along with its corresponding price. This invoice is then delivered to customers so that they are aware of the costs that are to be paid.

Invoicing software has a variety of capabilities that range from customizing invoice templates to create attractive designs to generating extensive reports that analyze your activity and track your transactions.

With these abilities that are offered automatically by the software, your business will be able to interact with customers in a way that increases customer satisfaction and decreases obstacles that come as a result of faulty invoicing procedures.

Impacts such as minimizing late or missed payments, safeguarding your business from fraud, and the streamlining of important processes will all occur when this technology is used by office managers.

3. Customer Relationship Management Software

Being able to maintain a positive relationship with clients and performing client interactions that are rooted in professionalism and dedication are the foundation of any successful company’s business model.

Your profitability as a business comes directly as a result of your clients, so it’s important that you can operate in a way that effectively meets their needs as well as supports your own development.

Customer relationship management software is a great way to accomplish this goal. This technology allows managers to get an overview of their client data and control it with ease so they can perform consistent upkeep with the customer-relation aspect of their business.

With the help of this office manager software, several different departments under your leadership that deal with client data will be streamlined into one convenient interface that furthers simplicity.

Areas of your office such as marketing and customer service will have their notes, data, and activities compiled into a cohesive system that provides easy viewing and a direct method of organizing the information.

This presents an exceptional opportunity for all of your departments to be simultaneously connected while also giving your clients a personalized experience that shows them you are dedicated to their satisfaction.

4. Social Media Scheduling Software

In this day and age, a major part of successful marketing is done by way of social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have opened up a world of possibilities for companies to communicate directly with their client base in an interactive way that furthers engagement and contributes to increased sales.

While social media can be a fantastic source to advertise the goods and services that you offer, it’s practically useless if you’re not utilizing it in an effective and time efficient way. With a social media scheduling tool, office managers can help organize their team’s social media activity so that improved results are seen and performance is optimized.

Social media scheduling software gives managers the ability to schedule posts in advance on multiple different social media platforms, track quantified data that represents user engagement on your pages, run entertaining contests, and a number of other things all on one simple interface.

With all of these amenities that come along with the software, the time you have to spend dealing with social media will decrease while enhancing its overall performance.

5. Package Tracking Software

Tracking packages can often prove to be a frustrating process that’s often inaccurate and prevents companies from being able to follow their activity in a composed manner. In the past, office managers have had to rely on lengthy procedures that involved dealing with hard-to-use websites and resources in order to track their packages.

To resolve this issue, managers are now provided with the fantastic ability to delegate this work to an automated system through the use of package tracking software. No longer do businesses have to worry about taking up their time and resources to complete a task that usually results in inaccuracies anyway.

Companies that provide this software usually partner with major packaging institutions like FedEx and UPS so that the systems they offer are reliable and on par with the activity of the suppliers. Businesses can implement the easy-to-use systems to track receipts of their packages from the source of the items all the way to the location of the recipient.

6. Printer Tracking Software

Even with the general shift within corporate culture towards a more paperless way of running things, printing is still a stronghold within any office. 

With the assistance of printer tracking software, managers who oversee teams that use printers often will be able to use these resources in a smarter way. These systems can be put in place to simplify the procedure and make it much easier to manage the different devices that are used in relation to this activity.

Because of this, you will be able to quickly begin reducing printing costs due to allocation to departments or shared accounts, have versatile printing operations that can function on a number of diverse platforms such as MacOS, and receive in-depth reports that track your printing data by relaying information that has been actively tracked.

All in all, your office will now be able to closely monitor your printers while cutting down on resources that must be used.

7. Document Signing Software

Document signing software is a resourceful piece of technology that gives businesses the opportunity to sign documents electronically so that there’s no need for scanning, printing, or faxing. 

Thanks to document signing software, the process becomes much more simplified and eliminates the need for a lot of time to be put in to validate documents with your signature. 

These user-friendly software systems allow both local and remote departments to complete this task with ease. It supplies the capability of not only doing this in a quick and efficient way, but also completely secure so you never have to worry about your personal information being compromised.

No longer does coordinating a document signing have to be something frustrating or complex when the assistance of document signing software is taken advantage of.

Choosing The Right Tools & Software For A Better Workplace

While we’ve mentioned several different types of office tools that are bound to make your life easier, it ultimately comes down to what tools will work best for you and your company.

If you feel there are areas within your business that is lacking efficiency, it’s best to consult your staff and see what tools could help solve these issues. I recommend calculating the cost versus the time you believe the tool will save to see if it will be worth the purchase, and going from there.

Are you interested in making your workplace more efficient? Check out what Eden’s Workplace Management Platform can do for your office. 

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