This Is What's Working

Managed by Q
October 30, 2019

Managed by Q is thrilled to present What’s Working, a weekly podcast dedicated to capturing the realities of life at work. This isn’t advice for workplace professionals (though you may find some), it’s the truth.

We have always aimed to be the experts in office management, and to deliver the best solutions for running any workplace. But we recognized that we were missing something: the true stories behind every blog post and how-to guide we shared. Those experiences that transcend the workplace—the heartbreaking, hectic, and downright hilarious tales that employees bring home with them each and every day.

Our host, Emily Hebner, brings you into these real conversations with real people in real work environments. You’ll get all the inside scoop in our podcast, from a workplace relationship that turned sour, to an office dog that couldn’t hold his bladder. We discovered what working is really like, and we can’t wait for you to start listening.

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