The Five Best Phone Booths For Your Office

Daniel Spielberger
April 8, 2019

The modern workplace can be a chaotic place filled with a myriad of distractions. It’s quite common for an office to have everything from dogs to ping-pong tables. Especially if you work in an open office, the last thing anyone needs is a coworker loudly broadcasting their phone conversation to everyone.

In recent years, companies have started providing booths for their employees so they can have these conversations in private or just have a moment to themselves. Take a look at these five fantastic options that can make your office a little more peaceful.


It’s all in their name. According to the San Francisco based company, 50% of employees struggle with the level of stimulation in their workplaces. With their “sound-dampening” booths, your coworkers will be able to talk as loudly as they’d like.

Additionally, their booths are made from Maple wood and come in a variety of options. There are bigger models like the “Executive Booth”  and then more intimate options like the “Comfort Booth.”


Similarly to Zenbooth, TalkBox offers booths of various sizes. However, they also allow companies to customize their booths with unique designs. Maybe your phone booth can celebrate a hometown team? Or perhaps you can make a fun poll between staff members about what designs they’d prefer.


This New York based company is notable for the sleekness of their design. GetRoom’s booths have a minimalist contemporary aesthetic that underscore its subtle purpose.  

Notably, these booths come with ventilation fans, sound-proof features, and airflow. On top of that, they have their own power outlets so you can charge your phone or computer while getting a moment of zen.


What’s great about Thinktanks is the variety in sizing. In addition to having a fantastic design, they have booths that can accommodate one person, two people, and four people.

Their larger booths are perfect for intimate meetings that are confidential and require maximum privacy. Not only do they have sound-proof features, they come with thermostats so you’re never too hot or cold.


Though Cubicall is definitely on the pricier side, they are customizable, sound-proof, and come with LED lights.

Are these booths worth the big investment? The company cites two key statistics — a Harvard Business Review study that found that employees “lose 86 minutes a day to noise distractions” and a Forbes article which claims open office plans make workers “28% less productive.” Their designs also tend to be quirkier (but tasteful). They have options featuring Superman, Van Gogh, and Monet illustrations.

There’s no doubt that phone booths have found a new purpose in the contemporary office. However, a phone booth isn’t the solution to every problem. They might give employees more privacy but it takes open-communication, organization, and enthusiasm to really improve workplace culture.

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