Start Your July Off With a Bang

Kiley Salmons
June 27, 2018

The 4th of July is right around the corner. People all over America will gather to celebrate with festivities of all kinds. Here are some ideas to celebrate the holiday with a bang in the office.

  1. Patriotic Potluck -  Everyone loves to eat. Invite your employees to participate in an office potluck. You could invite your neighbors, or those on the same floor as your company in the building. From a “build your own hot dog bar” to your homemade potato salad, there can be something for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Office and Workstation - Encourage your co-workers to decorate their space with red, white, and blue. Assemble a team to judge each office space and reward winners for specific categories. You could even give the grand prize of getting the day off to the winner.
  3. Staff Outing -  Spend the afternoon outside with your company. Pass out sparklers, have a water balloon fight, conjure up every lawn game this world has to offer, and give your employees tasty beverages.
  4. Pie Eating Contest - Need I say more? There’s nothing sweeter than a little pie. And there’s nothing greater than watching your office mates chow down on some pie over lunch. Get out the bibs and the baby wipes; it’s go time!
  5. Watermelon Carving Contest - Watermelon is a delicious treat to enjoy during the summer. It’s even better enjoyed when you make it a competition. Ask your employees to bring their own watermelon, or pick up several at your local grocer. You can find templates here to use as a guide.
  6. Pet Costume Parade -  Invite your employees to bring their pets to work for a costume party and parade. What’s better than your dog in a stars and stripes bandana and a pair of sparkly blue star sunglasses? Nothing. There is nothing better. Enjoy the pets for a day and ask your company to show off their loved ones to the whole office. Give a prize for the best dressed.
  7. Make a craft - Holidays are a great way to get the family involved. Extend an invite to the families of your office and have a fun afternoon making a craft. Create DIY Tie Dye t-shirts. Craft a patriotic pom pom wreath. Plant flowers in a stars and stripes pot. The possibilities are endless and the smiles on the families faces are priceless.
  8. End the day early - Surprise your employees by ending the day early so they can make it to that cookout with all of their friends or the annual softball game they play with their family. It might seem like a small gesture, but your team will feel loved and appreciated.

Bonus: If your company has great views of the city firework show, you can offer to host a watch party. Bring snacks and let security know extra guests will be joining that evening.

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