Simple Ways to Grow as an Office Manager

Mary Best
July 18, 2018

Growth is good, for the company but especially for you. Finding ways to increase your impact and stickiness can help secure your longevity and career path in your organization. Unique skills and talents can also make you more marketable when you look for your next opportunity. Here are six simple new things to learn that add value both personally and professionally.

Leave your mark and become a notary.

Becoming a notary is much more than getting to use a cool stamp. In fact, we think every business should have someone on staff who is also a notary. Why? First of all, you can notarize official business forms and contracts, skipping the step of traveling to the bank to get some other notary’s fancy seal. You will need to have at least a basic understanding of your state’s notary laws, but you’ll also become more valuable to your business, therefore increasing your job security. Don’t worry — It's super easy!

Stretch yourself and become a yoga teacher.

We’re not suggesting you become a yoga teacher in case this whole office manager thing doesn’t work out. You should become a yoga teacher to make your business more awesome. Similarly to how HR knowledge can improve your staff’s well-being, offering optional yoga classes over lunch or early on Monday mornings can increase your team’s health — mentally and physically. By spending time practicing yoga, you can help your team promote mental stability, increase their gratitude, and improve their physical wellness. Here’s a great article on how to become a yoga instructor.

Align your office by becoming an ergonomics specialist.

If you’re interested in helping your team’s physical well being, consider becoming an ergonomics specialist. This entails much more than picking comfortable chairs. Ergonomics specialists reduce workplace hazards and injuries, therefore increasing productivity. If your team is physically exhausted as a result of their work setup, you can help improve it significantly. Think of an ergonomics specialist as someone who practices feng shui for the purpose of helping your team’s bodies. Learn how to become an expert in this field.

Come to the rescue with first aid and CPR certification.

Did you know the Red Cross will come to your office to train your organization? You never know what may happen with anyone’s personal health at any given time. God forbid something terrible happens and a physical emergency comes up — but if it does — get trained so you know what to do. With the Red Cross’ program, you can even get trained as an authorized first aid trainer for your staff.

Harmonize your workplace and master HR.

Consider taking some HR classes. Your newfound HR skill set can go far to continually improve your office’s culture. Not only that, but you’ll sharpen your skills at conflict resolution between your co-workers. You’ll become aware of better overall strategies to help your team become more satisfied, and by doing so, you’ll decrease staff turnover. Here’s a list of free HR classes you can take to get started.

Make moves and become a real estate broker.

A broker is an intermediary between a buyer and a seller. Whether your company is looking for a new HQ or expanding into other markets, having the knowledge of real estate and negotiating leases will save the company time and money in the process. Here’s a comprehensive article all about what a broker does and how to become one.

You already bring so much value to the table as an office manager. These additional skills are personal and professional growth opportunities which can elevate your role even further.

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