Effective Office Construction Project Planning

Managed by Q
July 19, 2019

Whether you are building out a new office or rethinking your current space, a renovation project is an opportunity to create a workspace that supports your team’s different working styles, reflects your company culture, and enables you to run your office operations efficiently. However, moving from concept to completed office construction project is a complex process that involves planning and budgeting, vetting contractors, and communicating with vendors. It also requires understanding building and lease requirements, contracts, city regulations, and permitting.

Once you have found the right space for your team, you can begin the office construction planning process. In general, construction projects are broken up into three phases: planning, construction, and preparing your space.

Every construction and renovation project is different and timelines can vary depending on the type and complexity of the construction, whether your work requires permits, and the size of your space. Here is what to expect during each phase:

Office construction planning

Planning takes 2 - 3 months depending on whether you require permits, are building or removing walls, or are changing electrical, sprinkler systems, or duct work in the space.

- Assemble a planning committee

- Create a project budget

- Meet with your landlord to understand your space requirements

- Source and vet contractors, including architects and designers

- Create plans with an architect

- Finalize design and specs

- Secure any necessary permits

At this point in the process, it can be helpful to bring on a project manager who can oversee the project schedule and budget, serve as a single point of contact for all stakeholders and vendors, provide expertise in design and build management, and help navigate complex regulations.

You can also familiarize yourself with some of common office construction and maintenance terms, so you can ensure you and your contractor are speaking the same language as you plan. 

Office construction

In general, construction can take 4 to 6 weeks for small projects and 3 to 5 months for large projects, such as building out a raw space.

- Demolition

- Laying out the floor plan

- Construction

- Plumbing and electrical installation

- Ordering custom furniture and fixtures (6 to 8 weeks of lead time needed)

Preparing your space

1 - 2 months depending whether you have to install new IT, AV, or security systems.

- Interior design and build out

- Life and safety, IT, AV, and security system installation

- Painting, light fixture, and carpet installation

- Appliance and furniture delivery and installation

- Move in

- Finalize and close out the project

Building out or renovating an office is a big undertaking, especially while you're also balancing your full time responsibilities of managing office operations and creating a productive workplace for your team. To make managing these projects as easy as possible, Managed by Q developed a guide: How to Manage Office Construction and Renovation. 


This office construction guide was developed to enable operations professionals to effectively manage construction and renovation projects. It includes a checklist with detailed information on planning, budgeting, vetting vendors, and working successfully with design teams, contractors, and project managers.


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