6 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Office Temperature

Tanner Smith
June 5, 2018

Office temperature is arguably the #1 source of employee frustration in the workplace. There are few topics more divisive than that little number on the thermostat—and for good reason—being too cold or too hot at work can seriously affect work performance. Here are a few tips, tricks, and tools to help manage your work environment and keep your employees from complaining, or should we say, venting about the temp.

1. Cover The Thermostat

Often, an uncomfortable office temperature is the result of employees changing the thermostat themselves. Prevent the epic thermostat wars that happen when one employee stealthily sets the heat to 80 degrees, and others turn it down to 60 in retaliation. Install a plastic thermostat guard that only allows entry for those with a key.

Office managers have access to more technology and tools than ever before. The ComfyApp connects directly to your office HVAC system and allows employees to customize the temperature in their specific zone of the office.

3. Get Feedback From Employees

Send out a survey to see if there are any trends in employees feeling overly hot or cold—you might discover that there is more of a problem than you thought. An app called CrowdComfort can empower your employees to log complaints or point out problems around the office, so you can get to the bottom of it faster.

4. Invest in Blinds

If your office is notorious for overheating from direct sunlight, installing blinds will help regulate the temperature and block out the sun’s strong rays.

5. Check on Your Building’s Insulation

Schedule an inspection to make sure your windows are properly sealed and pipes are insulated.

This can help keep warm air in during the winter and block out heat during the summer.

6. Provide Small Comforts

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. On a cold day, providing blankets or hot beverages can make all the difference. If employees are too warm, placing fans around the office or encouraging employees to take short walks can help them cool off.

No matter how big or small your office is, it’s always a good idea to help your employees be as comfortable as possible. Luckily, there are things you can start doing right now to help create the perfect office temperature and increase employee happiness and productivity.

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