Office Halloween Ideas so Good They're Scary

Managed by Q
January 24, 2020

Be afraid, be very afraid… October 31st is just around the corner! But don’t scream—there’s still time to put a spell on your employees by throwing an otherworldly office Halloween. A well-executed Halloween celebration is a great way to promote camaraderie and collaboration in your workplace, and this season we’ve got the thrills to make sure it’s not a total nightmare.

Make the party planning a group effort, and let all the Halloween fans in the office get involved to take some of the workload off of your shoulders. With this collection of alarming activities, your event will get everyone’s bones rattling with excitement.

Dreadful Decor

Transform your workplace into a Halloween haven. There are plenty of bewitching budget options that your team can use to decorate. All it takes to breathe life into these creations is a bit of craft supplies!

  • Cut bats out of black construction paper and send them flying across the walls or hang them from the ceiling with ribbons.
  • Create realistic cobwebs out of stretched cotton. You can design more intricate spider webs with yarn and plastic spiders. Washi tape is a great option for detailed webbing, too.
  • Throw Halloween patterned tablecloths over kitchen and conference room tables.
  • Blow up orange balloon pumpkins with green ties for the stems. Scatter them around the office and fill them with candy assortments to weigh them down.
  • Mummify the office doors, or turn any white surface into a ghost with black paper eyes and a mouth that seems to shout, “Boo!”
  • String up Halloween garland, black and orange streamers, or caution tape for an eerie office feel.


Bad to the Bone Breakfast

Send your employees’ taste buds screaming by serving a spooky breakfast for the whole workplace. Prepare a macabre menu of mummy rolls, deviled eggs, pumpkin pop-tarts, monster donuts, and more. To make it more hands-on, have a pancake or waffle bar where you can drizzle your breakfast with spiderweb icing or create chocolate chip jack-o-lantern grins. Stay in season with caramel apple decorating and plenty of terrifying toppings (a morning sugar spike never hurt anyone).

Devilishly Disguised Desks

While you might not be able to pay a visit to a haunted house with your employees, their desks aren’t far out of reach. Invite individuals or teams to decorate their spaces according to their own fantasies. You can make this a competition, or use it as a means of shocking everyone into the Halloween spirit.

Ghastly Goodies

Treat your employees and appeal to everyone’s sweet tooth this year. Put together themed goodie bags and place them on each person’s desk for a not-so-grim start to the work day. Alternatively, you can buy candy in bulk and fill cauldrons throughout your workspace for people to self-serve. Trust the magic baking skills of your employees, and encourage them to bring in their own desserts for you all to share!

Chilling Costume Contest

Round up all the ghosts, goblins, and ghouls who dare to be judged on their costume of choice. Choose a few costume categories, such as those listed below, and give the participants a chance to win a prize. Have your employees write down their favorite costumes on slips of paper, then tally the votes and announce the winners. It’s showtime!

  • Creepiest costume
  • Funniest costume
  • Most creative costume
  • Most original costume
  • Best handmade costume
  • Best group costume

Monstrous Mummies

Keep up with the competition by hosting a mummy wrapping contest. Get everyone in pairs or small groups and give them each a roll of toilet paper (or two, or three) to work with. There are two ways to host this contest: for speed or creativity. If speed is your goal, treat the mummy wrapping a bit like musical chairs. Start by choosing your favorite Halloween song for the occasion. Once the music starts playing, teams can start wrapping. Once the music stops, all wrapping must stop. Whichever team gets their mummy fully wrapped first is the winner! If you’re aiming for creativity instead, give the teams as much time as they need to design their most unique, complete mummies, then judge their wrappings.

Horrifying Happy Hour

Carve out time at the end of the work day to get everyone howling with a horrifying happy hour. If your space is already decorated, you can further set the mood with Managed by Q’s Halloween Party Music to get the whole office monster mashing.

Set out enough snacks to satisfy the hungriest vampires and werewolves, and keep the craft potions pouring. Interested in having an open bar, or capturing the best moments with a photo booth? Managed by Q can connect you with event planners, bartenders, DJs, and more to help you make the final hours of your office Halloween spooky enough to raise the dead.


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