The Office Cart: 3 Creative Ideas to Repurpose Your Cart

Mary Best
August 10, 2017

Banish from your thoughts the traditional office cart, often seen toting around mail, packages, or catering. There’s so much more potential for this little guy to be an office favorite! Here are some ways to level up your office cart.

Sweet treat cart: Case of the Mondays? Yes, always. Liven up the mood with a cookie cart, coffee cart, or (my favorite) chai cart.

  • Items needed: Cart, cookies, coffee, cups, stirrers, creamers, bus tub, napkins.

Keepin’ it clean cart: Tidy Up Tuesday or Wipe Down Wednesday. This cart is your path to a sanitary and organized office. Encourage folks to break down the boxes under their desks and wipe their keyboards and monitors. Those dishes with science experiments can head straight to the dishwasher.

  • Items needed: Cart, Clorox wipes, scissors, monitor wipes, and a bus tub.

The cocktail cart: Load that puppy up with your favorite whisk(e)y, gin, and mezcal and troll it through the office right before Happy Hour. Maybe mix up a specialty drink and already have it portioned out. Toss in a tub of beer and wine. Get folks away from their desk, engaging with their peers, and celebrating another successful week.

  • Items needed: Cart, booze, glasses, napkins, ice, bus tub, and music!

Each of these carts can be a quick, easy win. You probably already have most of the items. Now it’s just time to add them to a cart and make them mobile.

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