What To Do When Moving To A New Office

Daniel Spielberger
April 3, 2019

Moving to a new office can be a thrilling experience. There’s so much potential in the air.  But it could also be nerve-wracking and put people on the edge.

Though your entire team is anxious to start working in the new space, it’s up to you as an office manager to transcend all that nervous energy around you and make sure the first few weeks are as seamless as possible.

To make it easier for you, we’ve come up with the ultimate checklist for your first day in the new office.

Make Sure You Have The Right Supplies

Your new office might have kombucha on tap, fancy beanbags, and a climbing wall. But if it doesn’t have basic supplies, all of those fancy amenities doesn’t matter.

Using Eden’s tool for communicating with vendors, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re fully stocked with everything you’ll need. Just log in, reach out to vendors, and you’ll avoid a potential disaster.

Check If Everything Is Working

Moving to a new office often means a brand new set of technology. A couple days before your entire team relocates, do a test run to see if everything is working up to speed. You might need to reach out to IT to fix your printer, presentation screen, WiFi, and more.

With Eden, you can communicate with IT within minutes and ask them to take care of issues before your team starts work.

Tell Coworkers The Specifics of Your New Office

Your coworkers will appreciate you taking the extra step to guarantee that this transition as smooth as possible. A couple days before the big move, send out an email that contains a map and detailing any quirks of the new space.

You can also include a mini-list of coffee shops, restaurants, and public transport locations. On your first day, you should also lead a tour of the new office before work.  

Tell Vendors Your New Location

Did you tell all your vendors that you’re at a new office? Having your catering show up to the wrong location could be incredibly awkward. Make sure to notify everyone in advance about your new location.

Using Eden, you can easily communicate with your vendors and get updates on how your orders.

Greet Your New Neighbors

Moving means you will be working in an entirely new building of people. To make sure everything starts off on the right foot, gift your neighbors something special —maybe some snacks, a home-cooked meal, or a bouquet. Whatever it is, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Allow Employees To Express Their Concerns

Regardless if you take the extra time and effort to make sure everything is right with the move, you will always have someone who has a question or a concern. This is perfectly normal. Moves can be intense for people. Set up a Slack channel where all your colleagues can talk directly to you and ask you questions about the new space.

Throw A Welcome Party!

Throw your colleagues a small welcome party to celebrate this big occasion. Schedule it at the end of the day or during lunch so your colleagues will have an appetite. If your new space is in dire need of decoration, you can make decorating the office part of the event. One more thing: get that big red ribbon to really make it a celebration!

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