Measure Success With Managed by Q’s Reporting Tool

Managed by Q
January 29, 2020

It can be tough to figure out whether you’re succeeding in your role, especially for Workplace Teams whose responsibilities are often varied, reactionary, and difficult to track. With so many daily expenses and new projects popping up every day, how do you ensure you stay within budget? How can you gauge how well your team is addressing employee needs? With Managed by Q’s new Reporting tool, it doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

Managed by Q designed the Reporting tool with Workplace Teams and their goals in mind. Reporting gives you the metrics you need to quantify your work, and enables you to evaluate team performance, identify patterns, and anticipate office needs. The tool also keeps track of your office expenses—from weekly snack orders to larger projects like office redesigns.

Here’s how you can use Reporting to manage both your budget and your employee requests, so you can achieve your goals and focus on doing what you do best: creating an incredible workplace experience.


Staying within budget is difficult, especially when you’re overflowing with ideas about how to spruce up the office or treat employees to fun events. Unexpected expenses come up—like a broken dishwasher—that can knock your carefully developed budget plan off track. Reporting keeps you informed on what your budget is going towards, how much of it you’re spending, and what you can still afford.

If you book vendors through Managed by Q, we automatically log the cost of your projects in Reporting. The Reporting tool then categorizes your projects so you can see a breakdown of how much your office is spending on cleaning, maintenance, plant care, and more.

You can add your other office expenses, like morning bagel deliveries, so that the money you spend outside of Managed by Q is recorded in Reporting as well. Once you have a full spend report (which you can filter by time period), just subtract the dollar amount from your team’s budget to find out how much wiggle room is left for your next office project!


Employee requests

While some Workplace Teams receive ad hoc employee requests through Slack or email, others use ticketing software to streamline and organize them. The Reporting tool works with Managed by Q’s own ticketing system, Employee helpdesk, to record and track employee requests.

When an employee submits a request, it’s automatically routed to the responsible admin on your team. The Reporting tool then tracks the activity on employee tickets (like a catered lunch request or a laptop upgrade) made by the assigned admins.

Open the Reporting tool to see a leaderboard of all admin teammates, the number of tickets assigned to them, and the number of those tickets that they’ve completed. The leaderboard also helps you monitor the response and resolution times to employee requests. Many Workplace Teams align on an SLA (service-level agreement) to reply to all tickets within a certain period of time (say 2 business days). With Reporting, you can now hold your team accountable to this SLA to continually improve your performance—and ultimately your relationship with your employees.


Managed by Q recognizes how valuable it is for Workplace Teams to have all of their work recorded in a single place. Our Reporting tool takes this a step further by giving you real numbers to serve as indicators of your success. 2020 is going to be the year you hit your goals, and now you have the metrics to prove it!


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