Managed by Q and WeWork: Changing the Way the World Works

Dan Teran
June 7, 2019

Today I’m excited to share the next chapter in our story at Managed by Q. We have accepted an offer to be acquired by WeWork and partner in building the future of work.

Five years ago we set out with a vision to build an operating system for the world, to make it easy for anyone to run a workplace. We believed in the power of the workplace to foster innovation, collaboration, and creation and to propel organizations forward.

By removing the barriers to delivering an incredible workplace experience, we’ve allowed thousands of organizations to focus their time and resources on their incredible missions—chasing a cure for cancer, building autonomous vehicles, and combating climate change, just to name a few.

While it is still early days, we believe that by realizing our ambitious vision, we can accelerate human progress and push the bounds of our collective potential. Today’s announcement marks a deepened commitment to our vision.

A few years ago, I joined charity:water, one of our earliest clients, on a trip to Ethiopia. It was there that I first met Miguel McKelvey, the cofounder of WeWork. Through many hours in the back of an SUV on unforgiving terrain we came to realize that not only did we share a vision for our businesses, but we were building our businesses on shared values. We didn’t talk about success in financial terms, we talked about impact.

Miguel insisted that I meet his partner Adam Neumann when we returned to New York, who I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past two years. Adam is an entrepreneur unlike any I have ever met, and he has assembled a team of incredible technologists, operators, and real estate experts united in purpose, who on this day I am proud to call my colleagues.

Together, Managed by Q and WeWork will combine space, technology, and services to create a global workplace platform, through which companies can grow and scale.

Going forward, I will continue to lead Managed by Q, which will remain an independent business within WeWork. I will continue to be supported by my amazing team, and our focus will remain partnering with workplace professionals to deliver a great day at work for everyone in their organizations through technology and services.

The decision to join WeWork and forgo an independent path was not taken lightly. It was a decision that was made in what I believe to be perfect alignment with our community.

Our clients will benefit from deepened investment in our technology and services, and will soon have access to the Managed by Q platform on a global scale. Our partners will participate in unprecedented growth and investment in local communities. Our employees will continue on a journey of profound personal and professional growth and development as we solve bigger and harder problems together, for our story is really just beginning.

I believe that WeWork has the potential to be one of the most important companies in the history of the world, and I am excited to dedicate the next chapter of my career to making it so.

My deepest gratitude to our clients, partners, employees, and amazing investors without whom none of this would be possible. The best is yet to come.

Photo: Casey Kelbaugh
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