January at Eden: Product and Feature Update

Tanner Pierce
February 2, 2023
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Every month, we'll be sharing an overview of Eden's latest product and feature updates from the previous month, plus sneak peeks into what's to come.

Product Updates: Employee Engagement Surveys • Visitor Kiosk Delivery Shortcut • Visitor Check Out

Employee Engagement Surveys

Product: Employee Engagement Surveys

Eden’s newest product – Employee Engagement Surveys – is now live! With Employee Engagement Surveys, teams can survey employees using Eden’s research-backed engagement survey template (or by creating their own custom form), run in-depth analyses on employee responses, and track trends in employee sentiment. Schedule time with our team to learn more!

Delivery Shortcut & Guest Self Managed Checkout from the Visitor Kiosk

Product: Visitor Management

We’ve heard your feedback — We’ve added both a delivery shortcut and the ability for guests to check themselves out directly from the Visitor Management iPad Kiosk!

  • Deliveries Shortcut — Delivery drivers can let an office team know that a delivery is waiting at the reception — and if a signature is required — in just a few seconds. Get started here!
  • Guest Self Check Out —  When enabled, guests have the option to search their name to check themselves out of a visit. Learn more here!

What Else is New in January

There are even more product updates from last month! Check out what else went live in January:

  • Multiple Accounts Sign In: Users can use the same email to sign into multiple Eden instances if they have multiple Eden accounts - helpful for consultants or workers at a parent company that need access to a subsidiaries’ Eden account. Learn how it works!
  • Tablet Stability Improvements: We’ve refactored our iOS and Android Room Scheduling app to increase performance, reliability, and stability. Make sure you’ve got the most up to date version from the Apple or Google Play app stores.
  • Ability to Resend Visitor Invite Emails: Are your visitors having trouble finding their visit email or check-in requirements? Hosts and Admins can now resend the invite emails from the Visitor Management Tables.

Your Feedback in Action

Your product feedback helps drive our roadmap — below are some of the projects in development that you can expect to see roll out in the next few months:

  • Send employee recognition with Shoutouts & Feedback
  • Book a desk for only the time you need it with Hourly Desk Booking
  • Foster a deeper understanding of how employees use your space with advanced analytics
  • Better manage visitors with improved admin controls like deleting a visitor record
  • Print out a floor plan QR code to allow employees to scan and book a desk!

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