Introducing Task Management for Workplaces

Pauline Tordeur
June 7, 2019

Today we’re excited to deepen our commitment to empowering workplace teams with the launch of Task Management.

The new tool is now available to all Managed by Q workplace users, and enables teams to effectively manage both their office tasks and employee requests. Through our easy-to-use dashboard and powerful Slack integration, Task Management connects the needs of the entire office to the day-to-day workflow of its workplace management team.

Expectations of the workplace are changing. Employees expect their office environment to provide everything they need to be productive, and to be responsive to those needs as they evolve. Even the best workplace teams struggle to keep up with the inflow of requests, which range from a last minute business card order to a broken refrigerator—or the increasingly common oat milk request. Managed by Q’s Task Management tool helps teams collect and organize these workplace tasks so they can deliver the best experience for their employees, increasing productivity and engagement in their office.

The first iteration of Task Management, called Hivy, was built more than three years ago in Paris, when my co-founder and I realized that office administration was the only team in the office without software dedicated to making them work better. Sales teams have Salesforce, marketers have Hubspot, and engineers have GitHub. But the team that supports the rest of the office was hacking together spreadsheets and Post-its to get their work done.

Task Management Co-foundersMy cofounder Pierre-Alain Loiseau and me

We determined that the key to making workplace teams productive is successful collaboration with their employees. Task Management was created as a collaboration tool at its core, to ensure all employee needs are captured and assigned to the correct member of the workplace team––whether that’s the receptionist or the IT manager. Focused on employee adoption across all company types and sizes, we developed three ways for employees to surface requests: through Slack, an email integration, and our online dashboard. Once a request is submitted, the workplace team can easily prioritize and collaborate with colleagues through their dashboard, ensuring all company needs are addressed.

The task management tool for workplace users

Originally a standalone product, we joined Managed by Q in late 2017 to enhance our workplace collaboration tool and integrate it into the Managed by Q platform. Since then, we have built out more robust reporting, custom task views for individuals to optimize their workflows, features for companies with multiple office locations, and more. Together, we have launched the new and improved Task Management, bringing workplace productivity tools into a single dashboard.

Regardless of whether their title is office manager, facility manager, happiness officer (as is common in Paris), or something entirely different, the people responsible for managing the workplace have unique roles. Unlike other teams, they sit at the intersection of collaborating with both internal and external teams to get their work done.

"Managed by Q's Task Management tool helps us streamline our work and deliver a great workplace experience to employees across all of our locations," said Emily Muhl, VP of Workplace Experience and People Operations at BARK. "Prior to using Task Management, we had been tracking things in Google sheets, email, and notebooks, so records were getting lost. Now everything from travel requests to facilities maintenance is submitted through Managed by Q, enabling cross-functional teams to effectively collaborate on projects instead of working in silos."

I’m excited for us to build a richer set of features on top of our newly launched Task Management tool and Managed by Q’s existing vendor management tools, so that workplace teams will be able to work more effectively with both employees and vendors to deliver the best possible workplace experience.

With the recent support of WeWork, we are able to further our investment in building tools that create a great day at work for everyone across the globe.


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