Bringing the Outdoors to The Office: The Sill Behind the Scenes

Dominick Mastrangelo
January 23, 2020


The Sill brings a breath of fresh air to indoor work environments. Their verdant workspaces reflect their commitment to creating environmental harmony between people and plants.


The Sill needed a specific space for their plants and company to grow. After months of searching they found the perfect home in an old warehouse in Maplewood, New Jersey.


At The Sill’s greenhouse the team ensures every plant has the right type of environment to thrive — including these custom shelves for Tillandsia (or air plants).


Keeping many different varieties of plants happy requires creative solutions. The Sill’s team constructed these custom humidifiers to ensure Bird's Nest and Staghorn ferns are kept at the correct moisture level.


Deb Saha, Greenhouse Manager at The Sill, uses Asana to keep track of daily plant maintenance and ensure all plants are taken care of thoroughly.


Industrial fans ensure that the trees that comprise The Sill’s indoor jungle have fresh air.


In preparation for a workshop at The Sill’s retail store, the greenhouse team hand painted hundreds of mini terra cotta pots.


In addition to selling and delivering plants in New York City, The Sill ships certain varieties of plants nationally in specially designed packaging.


The Sill provides plant design and maintenance services to businesses around New York City, which includes selecting the perfect planter.


The Sill’s unique pots made locally in New Jersey at Curran-Pfeiff, a maker of fine ceramics for over 90 years.


Eliza Blank, founder and CEO of The Sill, started The Sill with the ambition to bring the outdoors in and help people discover plants that fit their lifestyle and budget.


To support strong indoor ecosystems The Sill offers plant care advice via email and at their workshops online and in their stores.

Research has shown that plants in the workplace make people happier and more productive. In addition to helping people select the perfect plant, The Sill’s team ensures that we, as our plants’ keepers, know how to keep our plants happy too.

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