Best IKEA Finds For Your Office

Kiley Salmons
June 7, 2018

Productivity is often times the main focus of any corporation or organization. Creating a space that allows for your employees to be more productive is a game changer. Everyone's favorite Swedish meatball company also makes furniture — fun fact. IKEA furniture is a great resource for your agile and growing organization. Here is a list of products from IKEA that not only make your office look better, but help make you productive.  

1. Utility Cart

Adding this cart to your workspace will create space on your desk, leaving you more room to spread out and get work done. Not only can it fit into small spaces, but it can be moved anywhere. Whether its office supplies or personal belongings, this cart is perfect to alleviate the stress of a messy desk. If anything, you have a place to put dirty coffee mugs until you feel like taking them to the sink.

2. Butcher Block Desk

You can have double the storage with just a piece of wood and two sets of drawers. If you’re looking for a minimalistic look in the office, this is perfect. It’s cheap and incredibly versatile, making it easy to rearrange when your company makes new hires. You spend less time shuffling folks around and everyone can help.

3. Swivel Chair

Comfortable chairs at work make people feel more at home without question. IKEA offers a wide variety of chairs, but the HATTEFJÄLL Swivel chair takes the cake. Literally, it looks delicious. It looks more like a chair you would have at home than in the office, but who’s really complaining? If your employees spend time sitting, make sure their hiney is comfy.

4. Wireless Charging Pad

We live in a culture that uses their smartphones for everything: texting, ordering food, or requesting a car. Unfortunately, our phone’s battery life doesn’t last forever. These wireless charging pads will help with comradery at the office. Place them in a communal area and coworkers will have to set them down to have conversations with one another. Add one to the conference room and charge phones during meetings. With more concentration and less distractions, your team will be more productive.

5. Plant Stand

Plants can do so much for the soul. They reduce stress, the clean the air, they actually help to reduce noise levels, and they help increase productivity. One study found that plants could increase productivity by 15%. A plant stand makes it easier to decorate anywhere. Incorporating plants into your office space will improve your employees overall health and look pretty while doing so.

6. Sleek Table

The DOCKSTA table from IKEA gives a relaxed impression, setting your employees at ease when they walk into the workplace. Place this table in an area for desired organic conversation, or in employees’ offices who hold regular meetings. The round table is inviting, sophisticated, and modern!

7. Simple Sofa

Having a sofa in communal spaces as well as offices offers an inviting aesthetic to any workspace. With all of the spilt coffee and selvedge denim jeans, you’ll need something that hides stains and is easy to wash. The NORSBORG sofa is perfect with several colors to choose from; this sofa will add whatever style you want to create.

8. Desk Lamp

Sleek, timeless, and easy. This light will complement any style of office decor. You don’t even have to turn it on for it to provide a tasteful design. But, it comes with an LED bulb, so it’s perfect for those late nights at the office.

9. Shelving

Having storage that doesn’t crowd a space is necessary for your office. The KALLAX shelf is ideal for maximizing your space while not breaking the bank. It can either stand, lean against the wall, or you can hang it up. Either way, those books you need to read for work and that picture of your dog will look nice.

10. Kitchen Supplies

Your office should strive to be a hospitable place. Not only for your guests, but for your employees as well. IKEA offers several options for entertaining. So, when you want to look like you’ve got your stuff together, pull these bad boys out. That afternoon happy hour or office holiday party will look top notch with charcuteries boards instead of serving out of plastic and styrofoam. Maybe listen to the new Cardi Brie or Post Marscapone!

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