Workplace Trends 2019: How to Stay Competitive

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June 20, 2019

The workplace is changing. Having served thousands of offices around the country, we have a front row seat to observe how companies are adapting as our culture and the technology we rely on rapidly evolve. Based on our research and conversations with hundreds of clients, we identified common themes among the companies that are winning talent and differentiating themselves as great places to work.

These five trends are reshaping the ways in which we work and companies of all sizes across industries will need to adopt them to stay competitive and relevant in 2019 and beyond.

1. Workplace design is becoming more human-centered and technology driven

Offices are being designed to deliver an inspiring experience and to create a workspace where employees actually want to spend time. With more amenities and custom design features, offices are becoming more complex to manage, and office managers are increasingly relying on technology to help them run the office and manage employee requests and communication

2. Coworking, and a focus on workplace hospitality, is reshaping the work environment

The flexibility, amenities, and hospitality offered by coworking spaces has caught the attention and investment of enterprise-level companies and large commercial real estate firms. As coworking becomes more commonplace among businesses of all sizes, employees are coming to expect coworking-like services in traditional, single-tenant office space. 


3. Flexible workplace policies and work/life integration are increasingly the norm

Workplace policies are shifting to reflect the needs—and expectations—of companies’ most valued resource: their people. Flexibility, including the ability to adjust one’s hours and work remotely, has been shown to improve employee productivity and health and have a positive impact on a company’s profit margin. Flexibility is also an attractive option that potential employees consider when looking for a new job.

4. Culture is essential for employee recruitment and retention

In 2018 the United States experienced the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years, creating a “candidate driven” job market and competition for top talent. In addition to increasingly having their choice of jobs, employees are looking for work that gives them personal purpose. To differentiate themselves as an employer, companies need to stand out by appealing to their employees’ personal and professional ambitions.


5. Diversity and inclusion are fundamental business practices

Policies that support and enforce safe and respectful workplaces are critical factors in a company’s overall success and performance. As diversity and inclusion are both legal and cultural requirements, companies must adjust their recruiting, compensation, and office operations practices to build and support more diverse teams.

For an in depth examination of these trends that are essential to the modern workplace, and guidance into how to integrate and develop a customized solution that is a fit for your company’s culture, values, and needs, download our 2019 workplace trends report.


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