How to Crush Your First Day at Work

Mary Best
June 27, 2018

It’s hard to know what to expect on day one of a new job. You’re just hoping you didn’t overdress (or underdress) for your new office culture. On top of all the newness, you’ve got a job to do! So, how in the world can you impress your new boss and coworkers? We thought you’d never ask. Here are some first day pro tips to secure a great first impression:

Learn names.

One thing you can do from the get-go is learn people’s names (especially the ones you’ll be working most with or near). Get a bit of their backstories as well as what motivates them to get out of bed every morning.

Ask questions.

Be curious. Show interest not only in your coworkers, but in your new company’s processes, structure and goals. While there is such a thing as asking too many questions, expressing a healthy curiosity brings a valuable outside perspective to any organization.

Share enthusiasm about the vision.

It’s hard to know exactly what projects you’ll be working on right away. There will a learning curve to understand where to save files on your company’s network and other tasks. While you will need (at least) a few weeks to get up to speed on the ins and outs of your new job, do your homework and know what your company is all about. Show up with an understanding of your business’ “why.” Start to internalize it before you come in on that first day. If you come out of the gate with a shared excitement for your company’s vision, you’ll seem like you’ve been part of the team for years.

Find your top priority.

In reality you likely won’t be running at 100% efficiency in your first few months at your new job. But what you can do is determine what’s most important right away. Through initial meetings with your teams and supervisors, do some sleuthing to discern what’s expected of you and where you can be most helpful. As you learn the ropes, you’ll get the hang of the rest of your job, but finding out what needs to get done first (and then doing it) will prove your worth to your new team.

Find easy wins.

When you join a company, there is a period upfront where people are trying to assess whether you are a high-impact player. The best way to show how amazing you are? Find some easy wins (things you can accomplish in a week or less that will really help your boss or the company), and showcase your ability to get them done. If you get a few easy wins upfront, your manager will start to appreciate your skills right away.

New jobs are big transitions. You’ll have a new schedule, new people to get to know and new responsibilities to sort through. While It can be daunting at first, it will also unlock opportunity for you to grow and challenge yourself. Approach your new job as an exciting adventure that it is!

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