How Hiring for Cultural Fit Has Changed the Recruiting Process

Managed by Q
June 3, 2019

Workplace culture is changing, and where and how people work is becoming more dynamic. Following this shift, contemporary recruiting practices and the hiring environment have also evolved. More than ever before, companies are looking to hire talent that not only possess specialized skills, but will also be a great cultural fit for their workplace.

For fast growing companies, finding the right cultural fit for business-critical positions such as office managers, executive and administrative assistants, is crucial. These roles support internal operations and employee productivity. They are often one of the first people clients, vendors, and prospective employees interact with, so it is critical they represent your company culture authentically. However, the job descriptions for these roles can vary greatly and the career path can be unclear. As a result, it be difficult to recruit, interview, and hire qualified administrative professionals. The traditional recruiting process is not always the most efficient or effective path to finding the strongest candidates for these roles—or strategizing for cultural fit.

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends Report, the traditional interview, while still a mainstay of the hiring process, is often an ineffective measure of both a candidate’s technical and soft skills, including organization, grit, and cultural fit––all key qualities for those in administrative and operations roles. In addition, the talent acquisition process can be expensive and a source of rogue spending, especially if a position proves difficult to fill.


Working with a staffing agency can help you address these challenges and better navigate the changing hiring environment. Staffing agencies are focused on understanding your company culture and needs, and have a database of pre-qualified candidates from which they recruit, screen, and recommend specific roles for your company. However, by choosing to work with a single staffing agency, you are also locked into a specific talent pool.

To reach the broadest pool of candidates, Managed by Q sources and pre-screens candidates from a number of trusted staffing agencies with a strong network of administrative candidates. By tapping into multiple talent sources, we are able to find the right candidate for your specific needs and company culture faster––saving you time and simplifying your hiring process. As the workplace is driven by technology, we also offer training for all hired candidates on the tech platforms that support the modern workplace, including: Google Cloud, Slack, Microsoft Office Suite, Managed by Q Task Management, as well as our own office management platform.

To further streamline your hiring process, Managed by Q uses one contract and standardized recruiting fees. This simplicity will allow you and your employees to focus on accomplishing other important business goals and enable you to find the right employees who will be the right cultural fit, strengthen your workplace values, and support your productivity.



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