How a Good Visitor Management System Can Reduce Staff Costs

Nidhi Nair
March 29, 2023
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Ways Visitor Management Software Saves Your Business Money 

Most businesses used to have to rely on cumbersome, wasteful paper-based processes to manage visitor access. Not only were these processes unintuitive, but using them in a modern business setting could be costing you money.

Today, businesses are turning to visitor management software to save time, resources, money and hassle. Visitor management software can reduce staff costs, increase security and provide numerous other benefits. In this blog, we’ll be exploring some of the top benefits of visitor management systems and how they can help to reduce costs for your business.

Reduced Labor Costs

Visitor management software can greatly reduce your labor costs. With an automated check-in process, there’s no need for an employee or receptionist to greet visitors in person. Automated check-ins allow visitors to sign in with just a few clicks. This will verify their credentials, get them in the door faster and give them the access they need while they’re in your facility. 

Instead of waiting in long lines and requiring an employee to grant them access, they can just check in and go. Of course, you can still have a receptionist or two on-staff for assistance, answering questions or customer hospitality purposes, but you won’t have to have extensive staff working up front just to ferry visitors through the doors.

In short, you save visitors time while you’re saving money on staffing costs. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Increases Security

Of course, businesses are concerned about security when checking in visitors. You want to make sure you track and log everyone who comes into your doors and ensure they only have the access credentials they need. With a visitor management system, you can make your facility more secure while also reducing the need for additional security staff. There are several ways that visitor management systems increase security for businesses. Let’s take a look at a few of the main features visitor management systems offer to make your facility more secure:

  • Preregister guests —  A visitor management system can preregister guests so you know when guests are coming in and when they’re coming. This makes things easier for guests too, since they get all the information they need to know about checking in ahead of time. Including the security measures, your facility has in place.
  • Automated notifications — Visitor management systems can automatically notify employees and security personnel when someone checks in. This way everyone instantly knows when someone has checked in and comes through the doors. You can typically link your system to your preferred communication channels, like Slack or email, so the notifications are seen right away.
  • Document signatures — Visitor management systems come with digital e-sign features, so visitors can sign NDAs and other important documents right when they walk in the door. They can even sign before arrival if they want to expedite the process. This can be invaluable for businesses with sensitive data or who need NDAs for compliance purposes. 
  • Badge printing — Visitors can get a custom badge printed for them right when they walk in the door. This way they have proper identification and access where they need access. You can also make sure ID badges are temporary, so they only have access for a designated period of time.
  • Visitor logs — Visitor management systems can keep comprehensive visitor logs of anyone who is visiting, has visited in the past or will be visiting in the future. You can easily pull up these logs at any time. 
  • Health surveys — With a visitor management system, you can even implement health surveys to ensure visitors are feeling well before coming into your office. This protects your employees and other visitors from getting sick. 

With all of these benefits, your security will be greatly increased while needing fewer security personnel.

What Are the Benefits of a Touchless Visitor Sign-in System? 

Touchless visitor sign-in systems are the best solution for workplaces that have frequent visitors or hybrid workplaces that have employees who only work in-office part-time. With these touchless visitor sign-in systems in place, your visitors and your employees will be much happier and have a better experience every time they visit. As mentioned, you’ll also be saving time, money and headaches since you won’t have to manually check everyone in and increase staff costs just to manage visitors. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of touchless visitor sign-in systems:

Decrease in Paper Usage 

One of the most obvious benefits of visitor management systems is the significant reduction in paper usage they offer over manual systems. Visitor management software doesn’t rely on guest books, paper documents and paper badges to check people in. Instead, these systems keep records electronically and eliminate the need for sign-in forms or paper documents. This can also reduce clutter and decrease the amount of time staff has to spend on paperwork – which also reduces staffing costs.

Additionally, the aforementioned notification system can alert people through email or message when a visitor is on-premises. This helps them respond to a new visitor more quickly, and there’s no paper printing involved. Guests can also get all the information they need about their visit through email days before their visit. This way they know exactly what they need to do and where they need to go with no paper involved. 

Eliminating the need for physical badges and name tags can also help reduce paper waste. While you can opt for paper badges, it’s just as easy to use digital identification and access passes if you prefer to reduce paper waste and make your office more environmentally friendly. In short, you can help your visitor management process go completely paperless with the right system in place.

Increases Productivity 

A visitor management system can greatly increase productivity. When you can automate most of the tedious tasks associated with visitor management, your staff can focus on other work. There are almost no parts of the visitor management process that can’t be automated with the right system. When your staff doesn’t have to focus on checking visitors in or helping them through the process, they can focus on other tasks.

This is also extremely helpful for hybrid offices where employees need to check in when they come to work in-office. Instead of spending the beginning of their day checking in, they can get right in the door and start work. No need for them to waste time checking in when they can get to their task and start their day without any hassles. The system can make sure they have access for the day and that they’re checked in without any manual input from your other staff members.

When employees and visitors don’t have to waste time with these processes, you’ll have a more efficient and productive workplace. 

Enhances Guest & Employee Experience 

Finally, a modern visitor management system can provide a greatly enhanced guest and employee experience. The organization and efficiency of the system relieve a lot of the stress and hassle that is typically associated with the check-in experience. With digital check-ins, badges and document signing, guests don’t have to wait in line. They can fill their paperwork out the night before or days before, get all the information they need about the visit and know exactly where they need to go when they arrive. Also, since the staff is notified when a guest arrives, they can quickly greet them and provide them with the best experience possible.

Employees working in a hybrid office will also love the experience of using visitor management software. They can plan out the days they’re coming into the office, preregister for desk space, get their access badges and do everything else they need to do straight from the VMS platform. Employees shouldn’t have to go through a labor-intensive process just to go to their own place of work. With a visitor management system, they don’t have to.

In short, visitor management systems reduce costs for your business, create a better experience for guests and employees and make your business more productive. Ready to learn more?

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