February at Eden: Product and Feature Update

Camille Merritt
February 28, 2023
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Every month, we'll be sharing an overview of Eden's latest product and feature updates from the previous month, plus sneak peeks into what's to come.

Product Updates: QR Code for Floor Plans • New Desk Booking Admin Roles • Editable Addresses

QR Codes for Floor Plans

Product: Desk Booking

Ensure your team never misses creating a reservation with QR Codes for Floor Plans. Desk Booking Admins can export a print-friendly QR code that, when scanned, will direct employees to the relevant location’s floor plan and allow them to book a desk on the go. Learn more.

Desk Booking Admin Roles

Product: Desk Booking

To support different levels of access, we’ve added more granularity to Desk Booking Admin roles. Teams have 3 admin options:

  1. Desk Booking Admin: full feature and settings access
  2. Desk Booking Admin – Reservations Only: can reserve on the behalf of others and override any desk booking restrictions or parameters; no access to settings
  3. Desk Booking Admin – Reservations Only (Limited): can reserve on the behalf of others, but cannot override any desk booking restrictions or parameters; no access to settings

Learn more about User Roles.

🎆 What Else is New in February

Check out what else went live in February:

  • Editable Addresses: Admins can now edit their location addresses directly in Eden without the help of their CSM. Navigate to Settings > Locations and select the location you’d like to update!
  • Delete Visitor Records: In order to give teams better control over the visitor data they store in Eden, Admins can delete a visitor invite after the visitor has checked in. To do this, go to your visitor log, click on the overflow menu, and delete.
  • Google & Outlook Calendar Improvements: our team has made a number of backend improvements to our Google and Outlook Calendar integrations to ensure Room Scheduling works seamlessly for everyone on your team.

Your Feedback in Action

Your product feedback helps drive our roadmap — below are some of the projects in development that you can expect to see roll out in March:

  • Book a desk for only the time you need it with Hourly Desk Booking
  • Advanced Analytics that include Drop In and Desk Reservations as well as reservation data per employee
  • Notify multiple people when a guest checks in
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