Events to Advance Your Career in 2020

Managed by Q
December 16, 2019

Leaving your workplace to go to networking events can be challengingespecially if you're part of a small team. At the same time, attending industry events is a vital way to expand your network, sharpen your skills, and learn about emerging trends in your field.

When you are able to make time to go to events, you want to ensure they further your professional goals and help you work towards the next step in your career. We put together a list of event recommendations, each of which were selected because they are organized by groups that are invested in the communities they serve.

While some of the events are paid or require travel, they're a great opportunity to make the case to your company to support your professional development. As you research the right events to attend in 2020, consider how the event will contribute to your goals and benefit your company by helping you become a more effective and valuable team member.


HR West | March 9 - 11 | Oakland, CA

HR West conference attracts professionals across the country, shaping the future of HR together and bridging the HR community. *Sponsored by Managed by Q

HR Transform | March 23 - 25 | Las Vegas, CA

HR Transform brings together the world’s most prominent HR executives and the innovators creating the future of work. Meet the leaders who are not only thinking about the changes ahead but actually laying the groundwork for that future today. *Sponsored by Managed by Q

Culture Summit | July 14 - 16 | San Francisco, CA

A cross-industry conference that brings together founders, thought leaders, and culture champions to share actionable culture solutions for companies from startup to scale. *Sponsored by Managed by Q

Perks Con LA | September 17 | Los Angeles, CA

An immersive showcase designed to make you imagine all the things that are possible for your employees. *Sponsored by Managed by Q

IAAP Summit | July 17 - 21 | Lake Buena Vista, FL

A national conference focused on training and networking for administrative and office management professionals.

Future Offices | August 19 - 21 | San Francisco, CA

An annual conference that strives to address concerns within Real Estate and the Workplace, and find appropriate solutions.

IFMA's World Workplace Conference | September 30 - October 2 | Chicago, IL

A networking event for facility management and related professions (IT, PM, HR, engineering, security, real estate, etc.) that facilitates idea and knowledge sharing.

Design Thinking Workshops | Ongoing | Primarily in CA

A one-day highly interactive workshop that unlocks the benefits of journey mapping, prototyping, and empathy interviews.

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