September at Eden: Product and Feature Updates

Camille Merritt
October 7, 2022
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Every month, we'll be sharing an overview of Eden's latest product and feature updates from the previous month, plus sneak peeks into what's to come.

September Product Updates: Invite a Colleague • Invite Guests to Room Reservations • Employee Directory

Invite a colleague

Products: Desk Booking, Team Safety

Remove the hassle of coordinating schedules with your coworkers by inviting a colleague to come work in the office! Create opportunities for in-person collaboration and socialize with your colleagues by inviting them to make an office reservation on the days you plan to come in.

From the Eden Dashboard or mobile app, simply select "Invite a Colleague" and add your coworkers—they'll automatically receive an alert prompting them to make their reservation.

This feature is available for team safety and desk booking users. Learn more here.

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Invite guests to room reservations

Product: Room Scheduling

Meeting scheduling just got easier! An event organizer can now add or remove both internal and external guests directly from the Eden Dashboard or mobile app.

With robust two-way syncing, users can see event attendees and RSVPs in both Eden and a connected Google or Outlook calendar.

This feature is available for Accelerate room scheduling customers. Learn more here.

People page and employee directory

Product: Available to all customers

Check an employee’s profile to find information like where they are working for the day, their job title, and what team they sit on. Additionally, performance management users will be able to quickly find past review results for themselves and for their direct reports.

Learn more about setting up your organization’s management structure here. Interested in integrating with your HRIS or directory? Reach out to us at to get started.

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What else is new in September

There are even more product updates from last month! Check out what else went live in September:

  • Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM)—Eden now supports ASAM for iOS tablets to make it easier for teams to remotely manage their devices. Learn how to get started here.
  • Automatic screen dimming—to conserve energy and extend the life of your tablets, devices can now be automatically dimmed after hours to save the life of your device batteries. Turn on automatic dimming in your device settings to automatically dim brightness by 20 percent from 9pm to 7am local time.
  • Ticket boards visible to all admins—we’ve updated the ticketing board view so admins can easily see all boards associated with the account, even if they aren't the owner of the board.
  • Edit a desk on the "All Reservations" tab—we’ve added a dropdown to the All Reservations tab to make it easy for admins to reassign desks to employees. Did an employee created a drop-in reservation but now needs a desk? You can now assign drop-in reservations a desk as well.
  • Notifications for offline tablets—in order to keep you up to date on your your device’s connected status, admins can receive an email notification if a tablet device disconnects from the network for more than 1 hour. These updates will be sent for both visitor management and room scheduling tablets that go offline.

Your feedback in action

Your product feedback helps drive our roadmap—below are some of the projects in development that you can expect to see within Eden in the coming month:

  • Functionality to send announcements to employees and visitors directly through Eden.
  • See your “favorite” colleague’s schedules in one place and receive alerts when they make a reservation.
  • Improved settings for visitor management and team safety configurations. We will be rolling this out to beta testers over the coming weeks. Reach out to us if you’d like to participate in the beta!
  • Import past performance reviews and export review results.
  • Create a performance review cycle with a select set of participants.

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