October at Eden: Product and Feature Update

Camille Merritt
November 9, 2022
Eden software updates, desk booking, performance reviews

Every month, we'll be sharing an overview of Eden's latest product and feature updates from the previous month, plus sneak peeks into what's to come.

October Product Updates: Follow a Colleague • Weekly Reservations ViewImproved Visitor Management & Team Safety Settings • Select Participants for a Review Cycle

Follow a colleague

Products: Desk Booking, Team Safety

Remove the hassle of coordinating your in-office days with your coworkers! Follow your teammates to keep track of when they plan to be in the office and get notified about their upcoming notifications.

Eden makes it easy for you to snag a desk next to your office bestie! To get started, simply select the star next to a user’s name in the Eden Directory on the web or in the mobile app.

Weekly reservations view

Teams can use the weekly reservations view to get a glimpse of upcoming office attendance for everyone in the office or just people they follow.

Follow a colleague and the weekly reservations view are available for Desk Booking and Team Safety users. Learn more here.

Not using Desk Booking or Team Safety? Book time with our team to learn more.

Select participants for a review cycle

Product: Performance Reviews

Further customize your performance review cycles by selecting specific review participants. This feature enables teams to identify review participants based on attributes such as location, manager, and start date.

Learn more about review cycles here or schedule time with our team to learn more about our Performance Management Suite!

What else is new in October

There are even more product updates from last month! Check out what else went live in October:

  • Employee directory: Use Eden’s employee directory to give employee’s easy access to details about your organization's hierarchy (like departments and managers) and information about employees (such as where they are working that day, birthdays, and contact information). Teams can also use the employee directory to ‘follow’ their colleagues and stay up to date on when employees will be in the office. Learn more about setting up your org hierarchy here.
  • Support for multiple day room reservations: We’ve updated our Room Scheduling tablets to support meetings that span multiple days. This means that employees will not need to re-check in for the same meeting that might be taking place for several days and the tablet will continually display that the room is reserved.
  • Create a new review form when setting up a new review cycle: To simplify the review cycle setup process, Admins can now set up their review questions directly in the review cycle setup flow. This reduces the time required to get your review cycle up and running.
  • Custom forms, legal documents, and photos for employees: We’ve updated the Eden dashboard to support custom forms, legal documents, and photos when employees check in. This feature is available to Team Safety and Desk Booking customers––simply add a custom form, legal document, or photo step to your check in steps to get started.

Your feedback in action

Your product feedback helps drive our roadmap—below are some of the projects in development that you can expect to see roll out before the end of the year:

  • Measure employee sentiment with our new Employee Engagement Surveys product
  • Send Announcements to employees and visitors directly through Eden
  • Import past performance reviews and export review results
  • Send employee recognization with Shoutouts & Feedback
  • Run multiple review cycles simultaneously
  • Shortcut for deliveries and guest self-managed check out on the Visitor Management iPad
  • Limited admin role for Desk Booking to make booking on someone’s behalf more accessible

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