November at Eden: Product and Feature Update

Camille Merritt
December 7, 2022
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Every month, we'll be sharing an overview of Eden's latest product and feature updates from the previous month, plus sneak peeks into what's to come.

November Product Updates: Announcements • Improved Visitor Management & Team Safety Settings • Manage Multiple Review Cycles At The Same Time


Products: All customers

We’re excited to announce our newest addition to the Eden dashboard: Announcements!

With announcements, you can send messages to targeted lists of employees or visitors, set urgency to track who has opened an announcement in the event of an emergency, and encourage teams to come to the office with fun updates (donuts in the kitchen anyone?).

Announcements admins can send a message to employees or external visitors based on location, latest reservation date, and more. Learn more.

Streamlined Visitor Management and Team Safety settings

Product: Visitor Management, Team Safety

We heard your feedback—we’ve revamped our Visitor Management and Team Safety settings!

With this change, teams can quickly configure their workflows for visitor and employee check-in and seamlessly apply those configurations to relevant offices.

Check out this short demo to get started:

Manage multiple, concurrent review cycles

Product: Performance Management

Teams can run multiple performance review cycles at the same time with unique sets of participants, review question templates, and schedules. This feature will be rolled out to customers over the coming week.

Schedule time with our team to learn more about our Performance Management Suite!

What else is new in November:

There are even more product updates from last month! Check out what else went live in November:

  • Import and export performance reviews: It’s even easier to get started with Eden’s performance review solution now that admins can import past reviews for employees. Additionally, teams can export PDF versions of their reviews to make it easy to deliver reviews to employees.
  • Notifications improvements: We’ve made several improvements to our notifications infrastructure to help consolidate and streamline notifications related to desk, room, and drop in reservations. We’ve also given the Notifications Settings page a bit of a facelift. Check it out by going to Settings > Notifications.
  • Mobile app improvements: Make sure your team is using the latest version of the mobile app (1.7 on iOS and 1.8 on Android) to access some of the improvements we’ve made to overall functionality, including better zoom and navigation on the floor plan!

Sneak Peek: Employee Engagement Surveys

Eden’s newest product, Employee Engagement Surveys, is on track to launch in December!

With Employee Engagement Surveys teams will be able to survey employees using Eden’s research-backed engagement survey template (or creating your own custom form), run in-depth analysis on employee responses, and track trends in employee sentiment.

Schedule time with our team to learn more by booking a demo with us today!

Your feedback in action

Your product feedback helps drive our roadmap—below are some of the projects in development that you can expect to see roll out this year:

  • Measure employee sentiment with our new Employee Engagement Surveys product
  • Send employee recognition with Shoutouts & Feedback
  • Manage your organization’s values with Company Values
  • Make office deliveries super efficient with a delivery shortcut and associated notification on the Visitor Management iPad
  • Allow visitors to self-check out before they leave on the Visitor Management iPad
  • Give select employees the ability to make reservations on behalf someone else with our Limited Desk Booking Admin role

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