June at Eden: Product and Feature Updates

Camille Merritt
July 1, 2022
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Every month, we'll be sharing an overview of Eden's latest product and feature updates from the previous month, plus sneak peeks into what's to come.

New product: Deliveries!

Product updates: New Mobile App Functionality • SMS for Team Safety, Desks, and Rooms • Landing Page Shortcuts • Manually Validate Visitor COVID Health Documents

Say hello to Deliveries!


Save time and get organized with Eden Deliveries. Scan packages and mail to notify a recipient and keep clear records of your package and mail inventory.

With Deliveries, you can record new deliveries, notify employees, track when a delivery is picked up, and run analysis on your package and mail intake. See a product demo or book time with our team to learn more!

New Eden mobile app functionality

Desk Booking • Team Safety • Deliveries

In addition to Deliveries, we’ve added new functionality to the Eden mobile app this month, including:

  • Drop In Reservations. Users can now use the app to create a drop in reservation and complete check-in requirements from their mobile device. A drop in reservation allows users to reserve space in the office without the need to designate a desk.
  • Points of Interest. We've added points of interest to the mobile app floor plan to make wayfinding in your office easier. You can add points of interest to your floor plan on the floor plan builder in your location settings on your dashboard.
  • Updated Design & Navigation. With these changes come tasteful design improvements, including shortcuts for booking a desk and creating a drop in reservation along the top of the app. You can also use the plus buttons in the bottom right to pull up actions.

The Eden app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Pro tip: Add "Points of Interest" to your floor plan settings to help your team quickly navigate the office!

SMS notifications for Team Safety, Desk Booking, and Room Scheduling

Desk Booking • Team Safety • Room Scheduling

Never miss a check-in with SMS (text) notifications! Eden users can now be reminded to complete a wellness survey, check into a desk, or check into a room reservation right in their text message inbox.

SMS is available to Scale & Enterprise Team Safety clients and Accelerate & Enterprise Desk Booking and Room Scheduling clients. Today we support US-based numbers, but if you’d like us to support additional phone numbers, just let us know!

Landing page shortcuts

Desk Booking • Room Scheduling • Visitor Management

We’ve added new shortcuts to make it even faster to navigate the Eden dashboard, including a floor plan shortcut and notifications when there are visitor COVID docs pending review.

Manually validate visitor COVID health documents

Visitor Management

Now Visitor Management administrators can manually review and approve a visitor’s COVID health document, even if the visitor isn’t pre-registered. This ensures that everyone entering your office is meeting your office policies.

Pro Tip: Create "Visitor Types" or configure your visitor check in settings by location to customize your guest experience based on the type of visitor or by office location.

Your feedback in action

Your product feedback helps drive our roadmap—below are some the projects in development that you can expect to see in the product in July:

  • QR code check-in on the iPad kiosk for visitor and employee check-ins
  • Hide certain hosts from the kiosk when a visitor checks in
  • Limit which users are allowed to invite visitors
  • Integration with Box for legal document storage
  • Book a room on the Eden mobile app
  • Ability to add notes after scanning a delivery
  • Updated Teams integration that includes ways for users to book a desk, create a ticket, and invite a guest

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