Eden is now Eden Workplace ✨

Joe Du Bey
January 12, 2021

Today is an exciting day for our company as we have officially renamed Eden to Eden Workplace. This change shows our commitment to build for and serve workplaces in this new hybrid world –– and if that was not enough –– we also got the “.com” ;) 

We believe that the future workplace is an increasingly dynamic and hybrid one and will require its own software to manage the administrative complexity. From allowing your team to reserve a desk to ensuring a survey is completed for COVID safety, you’ll need a new set of tools. We are building the one suite of software that companies need to thrive in this new hybrid world.

Our full suite of office management products includes:

  • COVID Team Safety – helps offices reopen safely, including capacity management, wellness surveys, and contact tracing solutions
  • Visitor Management – creates a secure office environment by helping teams manage who is in their space
  • Modern Ticketing – internal ticketing solution that streamlines internal requests from employees for teams
  • Desk Reservations – floor plans and office visualization software that supports desk hoteling for hybrid offices
  • Room Scheduling – room booking software that helps workplace teams manage space utilization
  • Facilities Management Software – work order and asset management software for facilities managers

Our team at Eden Workplace is excited to help you create a better place to work, for everyone. 

Cheers to a brighter year ahead!

Joe and Kyle



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