4 Impactful Earth Day Ideas

Mary Best
April 4, 2018

April is here, spring is sprung, the days are longer and it is time to celebrate earth day.

What is Earth Day? It’s an annual celebration of our beautiful planet, with a mission to promote a greener future. This year’s focus is to End Plastic Pollution. Earth day falls outside the work week this year, but you can still create an impactful event for the team. Take Friday afternoon and give back to your community, do some team building and eat (some worms).

Clean up our precious land. You do not have to venture far to help keep the streets or parking lot clean. Rally the team and arm them with gloves, trash bags and sunscreen (Yes, I have sunscreen at the office!) and send the teams out to pick up trash. You can divide up the lots and streets.

Get your hands dirty. Have a terrarium building workshop for your team or have your team plant herbs and grow them in office. Mint is a great plant to grow and people can use to create spa water — so fancy!

Cut the meat and eat worms.  Cut your greenhouse gas emissions by eating a delicious vegetarian meal instead. You can create dirt and worm cups as well for a nice Earth-y touch. Be mindful and use compostable or reusable forks, cups and spoons.

Care for Mother Earth all year long. Use fewer bottles. Swap out bottles of water and soda with a beverage dispensing system or drinks on tap. Kegs are not just for beer, you can have kombucha, tea, sparkling water and cold brew. Pro tip: Purchase glasses that match your brand’s colors.

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